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Ikselam's Page of Friendship and Fun

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Ikselam, known to some as Roger Maleski, graduated from Haverford College in 2002 with a degree in Mathematics, but the little devil on his left shoulder keeps telling him he should have been an English major instead. His hobbies currently include, but are not limited to, fantasy and science-fiction novels, tabletop role-playing games, existential dread, fiddling with Neverwinter Nights' level editor and its temperamental scripting language, and collecting plush stuffed snakes. He would love Exalted even more than he does now if he ever had the opportunity to actually play it.

Peanut Gallery

Anyone is free to add comments, should the spirit move them. If, for whatever reason, you wish to contact me more directly, I can be reached at blucnary@hotmail.com or rmaleski@gmail.com. Put something like "Exalted" in the subject header so I will know you're not spam. I'm rarely available on AIM, under the screen name Ikselam, though I prefer email to chat.

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I'm not really active on ExaltedWiki much anymore. I basically just hang out in HearthstoneRelay when the fancy strikes me.

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