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My page!!! Mine! All mine I tell you! Ha-ha-ha-HA!

  • Nothing to do with Exalted, but thought I'd link to my blog from here in case anyone was interssted in me outside of rpg stuff. It's all about my baby triplets. Hey - what can I say - I'm a proud new dad - I can't help mentioning my babies wherever I go. :D
  • Name Generator now has the ability to generate charm names, too. Now you too can learn charms such as: Bear and Midnight Invigoration, Crystal Ghost Evasion, Grievious Horizon Hand Method, Oricalchum Leopard Fist, Slave of Plague Invigoration, Unconquered Tyrant Evasion, Venomous Void Face Technique, Vulture and Tsunami Meditation and the deadly Weeping Thunder Style!
  • 30/12/04 - Just realised I haven't linked to the Exalted-Wushu game I am running called The Fate Of A Kingdom, so here it is: FateOfAKingdom

  • 16/07/04 - Soon to be playing in Between Heaven and Earth, LiOfOrchid's Sidereal game, as Carodin, passionate and naive chosen of Serenity. His heart is as big as his fists but are his shoulders broad enough to take on the suffering of the Age of Sorrows?
  • 16/07/04 - New version of the Sidereal Astrology Calculator avialable. I've fixed three or four mistakes so it's definitely worth using this version instead.
  • Put up a page for Primordial Powers in Exalted. Basically a twist on the Nobilis tules with some tweaks to allow them to integrate into Exalted. Feel free to add comments (if you can be bothered to read through it all).
  • 13/02/04 - Have made a Sidereal Astrology Calculator (v1.1) for printing out to help anyone foolish enough to atempt Sidereal astrology without a masters degree in maths and logic. ;�)
  • 12/02/04 - Been playing Lexicon_Of_Elder_Days here on the Wiki. Really good for excercising creative juices and seeing other people take your ideas and run with them. Not too late for anyone else to join in.
  • 9/12/03 - Exalted Name Generator is a script I made to generate random Exalted names from templates. Feel free to use it for your own games.
  • 20/10/03 - Started A page for a unified book index. When it's finished, I'll put it into a pdf for download from my own webspace. Feel free to add some. Every little bit helps; 20 people adding 10 items is more than I could do alone in weeks. You can find it here: BookIndex. - Voidstate
  • Made a page with all the notes I've written for my upcoming campaign here: VoidstateCampaign (Last edit: 18th October, Added the second prelude)
  • Made a new Dragonblooded character sheet which manages to cram on everything I think players need to note down plus has a few useful rules so you don't have to keep checking the book (useful if you have one book between 6 people like in my group): DB Sheet version 2.0 Hosted at RPGsheets.net

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My gaming group uses your character sheets and has for some time, now we've started using your charms too. The Mammoth totem Full moon bought Bodily Consumption Prana and has been using it with much glee. The cost works out so its not so easy to use that he does it all the time but not so hard that he can't use it without crippling himself. All in all it has playtested well and I don't regret (as the ST) letting him buy it - Malikai

Cool. Our lunars game didn't quite get far enough to use esence 4 charms unfortunately so I never used it. Thanks for letting me know about someone doing so. - Voidstate

Your name generator is really great. My group uses it all the time. It would be great if there could be a [garment] category and a [charm type] catergory. Then you could generate [Emotion-Negative]+[Relation]+[in]+[Garment]+[of]+[Prescious Material] and come out with "Sundering Cerulean Daimyo in Ivory Armor" for example, and generate and even wider variety of Abyssals. :-p. The charm type list of "prana", "understanding" and whatnot would let your generator make some really great charm names. - [[[ImaginalDisc]]]

Sweet stuff mate. I have been using your character sheets, astrology calculators and name generators for ages. Must have taken ages to do all that stuff.


Added links to Voidstate's orphaned pages. - Quendalon