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I'm particularly interested in celestial-level martial arts that are innovative, with easily understood, evocative charms.

I have not yet figured out (a) how the wiki quite works or (b) how to balance charm trees at all. Heh heh.

Desert Spurs Style

Lotus Eater Style

Blood Opera Style

Facilitator of Calamities Style

Someday, I will run a Solar Bloodsport-style MA one-shot that will invariably involve all of these styles. It will be ridiculous.


Hi, Garrisod (or do you prefer Dan?), welcome to the Wiki. I'm playing welcome wagon while Shataina is away! She would tell you to glance over BestPractices as soon as you have a change, and stop by Preferences (in the header and footer) so you can set a username, which will allow you to avoid plastering your IP address all over RecentChanges. - willows

Thanks Willows! Now realizing this and trying to be polite.  :) Dan