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Heirs of Sea and Fire

Being a Roster of the Lesser Elementals of Creation and Beyond.

Elementals are the spiritual expressions of the physical being of things: fire, air, wood, water... Here you'll find a list of all known lesser elementals. Canonical beings are in plaintext; those created by fans are italicised, and ideally each has a brief description. Elemental dragons can be found atCreatures/APanoplyOfDragons.

Go to SpiritBuildingGuidelines/Elemental to start building your own Elemental dudes to add here.

Elemental Gods of Creation


  • Calamity Hawks Descendants of storm serpents who cause disaster for fun.
  • Charadrius: This air spirit takes the form of a white bird. It may draw out a disease with a look; the illness passes into its feathers, which grow dark. The bird then passes the disease to another victim, or ascends to the upper air to burn out the disease in the light of the sun. Quendalon
  • Cloud Person
  • Dust Devil: The dust devils dance through plains and deserts, kicking up little whirlwinds of sand and dirt and debris. The small ones are shy and playful; larger dust devils are fiercer and more dangerous. Quendalon
  • Haradur: Air elementals that provide wind for forest fires, aides to the great Bloody Sky. They appear to be smoky, translucent willow trees or enormous daffodil puffs if flying. --UncleChu
  • Huraka
  • Rakush: A rakush can take the form of a silver horse, a tangle of lightning, or a maiden with hair like rose petals and eyes full of storms. It is born of a storm serpent and a mortal mare, or a crow and some other spirit of swiftness. FWW
  • Spark Mouse: Yellow-furred mouselike creatures with poofy fur and lightning-shaped tails. In large numbers they cause thunderstorms. Some control over lightning. - Han'ya
  • Storm Serpent
  • Sylphs: Flighty air shimmers that turn mortal to bear the children of their lovers. - Stanoje
  • Thunderbird
  • Wind Dancer: Little swirls of air that dance and twirl so joyously that they pull leaves, dust and other small objects into their eternal ballet. Found almost anywhere that the air moves, their dances can last for seconds or continue on for hours, creating little funnels of air as they twirl madly. Sometimes a wind dancer can go insane, and their joy turns to anger and hatred. If unchecked they can grow tremendously in a matter of minutes, becoming the ravening whirlwinds of destruction known as tornados. - Moxiane
  • Wind Maker
  • Wisps: Playful gusts of air and useful spies, albeit somewhat flighty. - IsawaBrian
  • Zephyr


  • Avalanche Beetle: Placid caretakers of loose rock, these beetles oft go unnoticed 'til their works are disturbed by man; it is for their sudden, frantic chasing of their charges that they are named. For this reason, many mistake them for the cause of misfortune, rather than seeing them as victims of inept climbers. OrigamiFox
  • Black Tar Vortex
  • Gemlord
  • Jokun
  • Kri
  • Mercury Ant
  • Mowlhyl: The mowlhyl are the progenitors of mountains, small crab-like creatures of earth and rock that push up through the earth from far, far below where they hatch from the depths of Creation. They climb through stone and dirt, pulling themselves through cracks, moving ever higher from their birthplace, until they reach the surface, whereupon they die, their bodies hardening into stone. Sometimes, the corpse of the nowlhyl is left undisturbed and more of its kind arrive, each new stony body adding to those already there, and what was a small mound can grow, becoming a hill and eventually, over the course of millennia, a mountain. – Moxiane
  • Sandmen: Inch-high tribal creatures that look like people roughly sculpted from sand and dust, the sandmen live in the places of Creation where people rarely travel. They wander hither and thither, their bodies continually shedding a fine powder that collects in nooks and crannies, gathering on the tops of shelves and underneath beds and other furniture, although what purpose, if any, lies behind their nomadic lifestyle remains a mystery. Cats are the deadly enemy of the sandmen, their slitted eyes capable of seeing them even when they hide, and the devilish felines play with the elementals for their sport. - Moxiane
  • Sandpiper
  • Serpent-and-Egg
  • Terraserpent


  • Blazehound: The blazehounds run ahead of any spreading fire, their searing hot bodies spreading the flame further as they kindle grass and twig and tree into an inferno. Water is anathema to them, as is any area which others of their kind have crossed, blazehounds being extremely territorial creatures. Their howl is the deep roar of flame, and their bark the cracking of wood bursting when scorched. - Moxiane
  • Fire Butterfly
  • Garda Bird
  • Golden Fire Keeper
  • Hearth Sister: A fire in a hearth or upon an altar, if it is tended long enough and not allowed to die out, may give birth to one of these gentle elementals. Hearth sisters are guardians and healers, whose flames drive out sickness, and their primary care is for the home and family in which they dwell. They appear as graceful maidens with tresses of fire, but become more human in seeming as they grow older; the oldest are tall and fierce old women, with ash-gray hair and golden eyes, and terrifying in defense of their charges. Hearth sisters die with the flame that gave them birth, and thus will protect that almost as passionately. - Kalisara
  • Hima: These living balls of flame love to lure mortals into desolate places. They like the smell of burning meat and hair, but it's not half so luscious as the taste of fear. Holy writings repel them, and travelers carry prayer strips to ward them off. Quendalon
  • Ifrit
  • Need Fire
  • Salamander: When not bathing themselves in flame, these lazy red-gold lizards like to loll about on rocks, spreading their ruffs to catch the sun. Quendalon
  • Sandpit Fire
  • Scitalis: These hot-blooded serpent spirits draw their victims close with the hypnotic patterns of their shimmering, luminous scales. Their venom causes blood to catch fire. Quendalon
  • Hounds of the Fallen Slow-moving dogs that appear after battles to plant trees in the bodies of the fallen. Stanoje


  • Brine Cur
  • Cataracts: Many things wash downstream, from corpses and twigs to secrets and lies, and it is these last that the elementals known as cataracts gather and hoard. Inhabiting waterfalls, these enigmatic beings collect mysteries with the same glee that a magpie gathers jewels, and only reluctantly will they part with even the slightest scrap of information without recompense far in excess of what the secret was worth. However each cataract only cares about, or even seems to be aware of, events occurring upstream from its waterfall – a meeting of assassins five steps downstream from it would not even register on the perceptions of a cataract. Those who would garner information from one of these squat creatures would be best served by bringing a bowl of honey gathered from a species of bee that exists only in the jungle reaches of the Southeast, flavoured with a variety of herbs and spices, of which only thyme and rosemary are well-known. – Moxiane
  • Cresters: The least popular amongst their kind, cresters look like tiny jewel-like insects that skate on the surface of the ocean and exist purely to goad, insult and taunt the ever-present air elementals into blowing harder and faster than they otherwise would. When successful the wind creates waves, which the cresters ride and breed in, their numbers increasing rapidly, leading to more taunting and insults. This cycle can eventually create a storm, gaining in power until the majority of the cresters are killed by sheer windforce, and then the tempest dies down, beginning the whole process again. - Moxiane
  • Echeneis: Sometimes an eel, sometimes a finned man with blue-black skin, the echeneis has the power to hold anything fast in the water. Neither fish nor mortal nor masted ship may break free of the echeneis' grip while it lives. Quendalon
  • Frostwyn: The frostwyn swarm in uncounted billions throughout all the waters of Creation, tiny little shrimp-like creatures no bigger than the tip of a little finger. Eternally cold, the frostwyn thrive on the warmth of the living, swirling around any creature in the water and draining the life and heat from it. Although they are creatures of the water, their coldness means that they thrive better the closer they are to the Pole of Air, and the few frostwyn that live in the waters of the South are small and weak creatures in comparison to their Northern cousins. - Moxiane
  • Heketa
  • Niha</b> Grotesque fishmen that only want to be like their role model. --UncleChu
  • <b>Mistwardens</b>: Elemental guardians of places or people. -- FrivYeti
  • <b>Nymph
  • Sobeksis
  • Three-Clawed Sage
  • Undertow
  • Urchin King
  • Vodonik
  • Water Child


  • Artisan
  • Branch Maidens: A peaceful, servant-minded elemental, cousin to the Stick Persons.
  • Dog Of The Unbroken Earth
  • Hamadryad: Most trees have spirits that watch over them. But in some, the wood and spirit are one. These are hamadryads, the trees that walk like men. They serve the kings of the wood, dally with the dryads, and make slow and sonorous music that makes men weep. Quendalon
  • Herecine: While the herecine sometimes races through the forest in the form of a wooden stag draped in holly, it most often rests in the form of a tangle of bushes that groans without wind. With every dawn, the herecine gives birth to a woodland creature: mouse, hare, deer, or some other herbivorous thing. Quendalon
  • King of the Wood
  • <i><b>Providence Spiders: Long ago, in the days before the first ambush of the Primordial War, one of the Sidereal Exalted whose name has been lost to history, taught the spiders of one tiny forest the deepest secrets and mysteries of Fate. This knowledge transformed the spiders, making them elemental creatures and binding them as securely to the Tapestry as the Sidereals themselves. However, where the Chosen of the Maidens can alter fate, these elementals can only read it, and those with the knowledge necessary can read these secrets in the webs that they spin each morning. Providence spiders are often mistaken for wood spiders, however they are noticeably smaller, with bodies the size of a child’s fist, and lack both the intelligence and malice of their cousins. – Moxiane
  • Stick Person
  • Willow Maiden: A predatory elemental with a taste for eyes. Moxiane
  • Wood Spider

Elemental Spirits of the Underworld


  • Sutra Serpent: Draped in the trees of shadowlands, the sutra serpents hunt. They are spectral ofudas, born each time a Sidereal prayer strip flares out of life. They crawl down the throats of unwary travellers while they sleep, and there they bite out their tongues or nest in their lungs, slowly killing them by eating their breath. willows


  • Nephrite Stings: These strange scorpion-like beasts are known for making dens and waiting for prey to approach. Their sting turns viscera to jade, resulting in a very slow and painful death, for these creatures feed only on the flesh and bone of still "living" prey. While their toxin causes changes in both ghost and the living, the jade from live victims may be removed into Creation. It is this treasure that attracts new victims. haren


  • Raksha: Beings of freezing fire and light, they are known for their two great passions. They are extremely hedonistic and love to possess people for the pleasures of the flesh, and they seemingly will never pass up an chance to gamble. Often, these two interests collide, when they offer a boon to a winner, in return for the chance to control their body for a time should they win. haren
  • Fate Flames: Born of sacred fires extinguished before their time, these flames wander the Underworld, showing the end of all things in their dancing fire. It is said that by gazing into their depths, one might see the end of something they care for... and be able to change it before it comes to pass. haren


  • Gore Phoenix: Graceful predators of the Underworld, no one seems to know the origin of these creatures. They have existed possibly as far back as the First Age. They are known for possessing the bodies of the living to reproduce. haren


  • Deadwood Ghosts
  • Grave Fields: Within the wastes of the Underworld and shadowlands, there are places where a skeletal finger or hand rests. The wise will avoid these areas, as the entire area is filled with hands that will drag a victim down into suddenly soft soil. With each devoured body or soul, another hand joins to bring more into it's union. haren
  • Ivory Timbers: In the desolation of the shadowlands, it is difficult for flora to grow, but this tree thrives there. Said to be wood elementals corrupted into their deathly counterpart, these stark white trees silently whisper to those that wander among them of rest beneath their leafless branches. The bones of these poor souls are found intertwined with the roots of the tree, resting where the tree had fed on their bodies. haren

Elemental Demons of Malfeas


  • Clamorous Cloud Arsenal


  • Metody


I'll probably add in some of the Underworld Elementals. Was actually talking to someone the other day about this, if there were Elementals for the elements of the Underworld. Brings up a question, would Summon Elemental work on them? - haren

Theory: You can summon Underworld Elementals with a similar spell 1 Circle higher, which effectively emulates the necromantic version. Necromancy summons them at the Circle level of Summon Elemental. You summon Malfeasan elementals as demons of the appropriate kind. - FWW
I'd rather thought demons WERE Malfean Elementals. The Third Circle seems to have the same relationship to their Yozis that the Elementals have to Gaia, after all... - DS
I'm making a distinction here between things like the Metody, which is very elemental, and the projections of the Broken-Winged Crane, which are not s much so. - FWW

Quendalon, are you aware that dryads are already defined in GoD? Page 44.

Nope, I totally missed that. Whoops. Thanks for the catch! - Quendalon

Hope no one minds that I added the Gore Phoenix here too. - haren

Not at all! Cool stuff. The full description of the Gore Phoenix on its own page could probably use some line breaks though. And do you think we should shift the underworld elementals over to Servants of Oblivion? - Quendalon
Yeah, kinda bad with editing like that, I'll admit. I considered mentioning it, but I figure that it's better here. The fact is, they are elementals and I think they're more appropriate here. - haren

Just got Kingdom of Halta, but trying to figure out where Deadwood Ghosts go, any help? - haren

Moved a bunch from where they were to where they are now. I looked for this, but couldn't find it. Too little sleep. :p Well, they're here now. - Moxiane

yay! - Quendalon

Added the elementals from Savant and Sorcerer (the Principality of the Shore) - Kalisara