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Tardach's Page

Been playing since before the Caste books or any of the fatsplats came out. I think I have a lot of good basic ideas, but I don't think my skill with crunch is good enough to render any of them perfect, so I appreciate all feedback and criticism. Most of my content is random stuff that I've made up here and there along the way. Some of it needs significant tweaking before it'll mesh with the canon setting, and some of it probably flies in the face of the direction of the canon setting, but in a way that I think is more true to the gut feeling of Exalted. I tend to game in Nashville and/or Atlanta if anybody's interested in having me for a game or seeing if I have one to join. Just leave an email in comments.

Dragon King Paths

Paths/AbidingSun - Who says old DKs can't learn New Tricks?

Solar Charms

SolarPresence/Tardach - Faith-based miracle stuff.

SolarPerformance/Tardach - Sacraments, rituals, services, and other Religion-based stuff.

Tardach/MountedCombat -Nothing here. Click for explanation.


Tardach/BladesOfTheSky - Badass sword and sword-breaker combo.


Lots of new content that I developed a while ago when I was even worse at this stuff than I am now. Cuss and Discuss to your heart's content. -Tardach

Will add more stuff as it gets developed for the campaign I'm running now. -Tardach