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About Me

Blah. I've not been here in years. Old stuff from when I played exalted tons below. I still occasionally think things up, maybe I should post some of them.

My Stuff

Artifacts - Glorious wonders of the First Age, scavenged from the ruins of a long-distant era.

Backgrounds - New backgrounds.

Setting - Both interesting locales around Creation, and the interesting people you'll find in them.

Sorcery - The Art of Manipulating the very Essence of Creation, the birthright of the Exalted.
Necromancy - Controlling the dark Essence of the Underworld, to even give life to blasphemy.

Sandbox - The home of any ideas I may think of randomly, but that still need work to be usable.

Houserules - Mostly the work of friends, with some of my own efforts. All the things I changed.

Vitrioline Alchemicals, a supplement to the DBSInfernalExalted, allowing for evil-evil alchies!

Sidereals Fix - Sidereals are fucked. Way too metagame. This aims to change that.


Darloth - My ST, and has some generally interesting and funny stuff. And better linkage than me.
DeathBySurfeit - Lots of good things, but the Infernal splat is the crowning achievement.
FluffySquirrel - Fellow player, does interesting stuffs.
Areku - Another fellow player. I think she put something up.
KittenyKat - Fellow player. (So many links)


Big thanks keeping our city streets free from spam, Trithne! --UncleChu awards Wikizen Trithne the key to the city on April 7, 2006 despite Chu's total lack of authority.

Thanks, but try to spell the name right next time. ^__^ Also, please look at my stuff! It'd make me feel sooooo good. - Trithne
Sorry Thrithnethth. I mean Trithne. Typo, I swear. I took a look at everything you gots here, as simple appreciation for your mad anti-spam efforts, and I dug yer stuff. I think your Sunny leather glove supa-shield is my favorite thing. Unfortunately, I'm absolute shit with artifacts, so all I can say is that it looks good to me! --the worthless-in-terms-of-critique UncleChu

Hey Trinthe, I was wondering where you were at with the DBSInfernal PDF? I am just itching to see that. I have been using the DBSInfernal rules for awhile now and am just a very anxious fan boy! Kudos to you and DeathBySurfeit. You guys ROCK! ~ Insanewizard

Apologies, the project just kinda fell by the wayside. I'll get back onto it soon though. We're really stuck on artwork, as we don't want it to just be reams upon reams of text and tables. - Trithne
Hire Saveni?
-- Darloth
Amusingly, I have for the Age of Blindness proj. Which is also getting neglected. Asked her for fiction. - Trithne

Hi Trithne ^_^ Your page is nice 'n clean, I like it :D - KittenyKat

Organisational fetishist. The more sublevels I can make, the better. - Trithne