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I'm going to do what I can to bring the EC back from the dead. In the meantime, email me: patternspider @

Peanut Gallery

Heya Stillborn, as far as I know... the DNS got hijacked, and without Yoshi, it's going to be next to impossible to get it back up and running. But you'll have my thoughts on your succeeding.
~ Haku

Glad to see y'all again, thought i'd be stranded without some Celestial's being able to guide me. ~ FornClakes

Celestials? Come now, I'm as novice as you are to the Wiki, in that I used to lurk here in the past, but only decided to get a page of my own only recently with the felling of the Exalted Compendium.
~ Haku

I can't wait for the EC to come back. If you need any help, lemme know, please. ~ StarHawk

Equally wanting the EC back. Learned more on that site than any other about Exalted. ~ Andrew02