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My Comcast Homepage which is pretty much a place for me to put images for linking. as of Thursday the 22nd of September 2005, it's got 3 character pics up :

Contact Info: I go by BrigandRansom on both and You can figure out my main email addies from that =)

I'll be using my userpage here for brainstorming my various ideas for Exalted, so please feel free to comment heavily on what I put here. I thrive on criticism, both positive and negative.

NarutoMod - Something horrible I'm subjecting the Wiki to

Stories of Exaltation These are my character stories

Ways of the Empty Fist and These are the MA styles I'm working on

Ways of the Grasping Fist Weapons and Melee Charms

Glories of the First Age Ancient Artifacts

Seeds of Essence Plot devices, story ideas, conspiracies, ect

Rays Upon The Realm Character Sheets for my characters

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This space for rent, or at least small ideas that are as-yet too fragile to go into any other category

Hokay, 4 charms, 2 in Larceny, 2 in investigation. The first charm lets you add your larceny (or investigation) to your checks.

  • larceny 1: spend motes, your investigation is counted as additional successes vs any investigation attempts to track/identify you
  • Larceny 2: scenelong add investigation to all larceny rolls
  • Investigation 1: Spend motes, add larceny in autosux for tracking/identifying criminals, suspects, ect.
  • Investigation 2: scenelong add larceny to all investigation rolls

Are these covered in canon? ~ BrigandRansom


Now I'm working off of what I know, and that's where you (few remaining?) wikizens come in. Correct me if my suppositions are wrong. These go from canon (first few concepts) to my own stuff.

  • Gods are physical concepts, Primordials are Esoteric concepts / Ideas (There might be a "Sword God", but a "Primordial of Death" [these are just examples]).
  • Binding is a Concept / Idea
  • Autochthon isn't the only primordial who "Betrayed" the rest of the Primordials (is this Canon?)

(here is where things get... odd.)

  • There is a "Primordial of Binding" that gave the concept of binding to the Zenith Caste Solars so they could Bind the Primordials
  • This "Primordial of Binding" hid itself inside of creation where the Yozi would never find it... It turned itself into a Physical object made of Primordial Admant (with help from Autochthon). A Kusari-Gama, Sickle (the fang it bit the Primordials with) and Chain (Binding)
  • Some random Yozi creates an Akuma that's a remorseless killer, a Living weapon against creation
  • This "Weapon Akuma" is sent to Destroy the Recently rediscovered Binding-primordial
  • The Binding-primordial overcomes the Akuma, and offers to break the Yozi's influence over him if he will let the Binding-Primordial take him over.
  • Basically an Akuma who has regained "free will" (or a reasonable facsimilie) by being Akuma'ed again. He is now the Akuma of the Binding Primordial, who opposes the other Yozi.

Visual Concept: Albino with red monklike robes, wearing chains. These chains are punishment for his atrocious past. However the chains are not manacles, they are in fact the chains of the Kusari-gama. His bondage is self-inflicted, and he acts as the agent of this "Binding-Primordial" to destroy the influence of the Yozi on creation.

So yeah, it's a really rough idea. So shoot it down, tear it to shreds. That'll make me make it better =)

Exalted PowerArmor (Mini-Warstriders)

Between Warstrider and Fully-articulated superheavy plate. Artifact 5, so well crafted that it is treated as a chainmail shirt for the purposes of MA compatibility. Charms that speed the donning of armor do not affect this suit, it takes at least an hour to attune to the armor as you fit each piece, seal them and tighten or loosen the joints. Environmentally sealed, fresh air provided for the occupant. Has an "Integrate" function, which binds artifacts to the armor itself. Increases Main stats like Warstriders do, but on a smaller scale. May possibly have "Programming" of a sort, granting a dot or 2 to various abilities while wearing the armor. Made of all 5 magical materials, with the main plating appropriate for the Exalt type it was made for.

Another idea scraped from the bottom of my boot =)


Have you seen the Immaculate Armours of the Dragons? They're verymuch like what you describe, so I am not sure. Certainly, an alternative orichalcum version could encompass everything you've postulated, and the dragon-armours provide irrefutable proof of concept. They're in Outcaste if you missed them.
-- Darloth

Well, I certainly have now! Yes.... celestial versions of the Dragon armors would work splendiferously...

Cynis Karn, the Jade Saw

Someone once told me that canonically, no dragonblood would ever disrespect jade by making anything that even closely resembled a tool of a common laborer. This goes against a character concept I had for an outcaste DB with a Jade Daiklaive in the shape of a massive 2-man tree saw with one end broken off. Thoughts? Opinions? Should Concept Supercede Canon?

Peanut Gallery

Please note, the Arbalest stuff has been moved to BrigandRansom/Arbalest ~ BrigandRansom

Seems kind of awkward that you're making Larceny Charms to affect Investigation and Investigation Charms to affect Larceny... - Seiraryu who likes simplicity.

I disagree. The whole point of Larceny is to oppose Investigation, and vice versa. If you know your opponent, you do better. Kind of a "get into the other guy's shoes" thing. At least that's what I think he was going for.-- GregLink

That's exactly what I was going for, some "Know Thine Enemy" charms for those Dynast-Noir games *biggrin* ~ BrigandRansom , who is too tired to check grammar

Back after a long vacation from Exalted ~ BrigandRansom

Good to see you back Brig!-Ambisinister