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"Got Orichalcum?" Tee shirt

Alabrax's Exalted Website

I am now also adding to the Lexicon Of Elder Days

Exalted Fan Art Contest

Welcome to the Wiki :) Might be worth putting a link to your website here, if nothing else... - CorlanDashiva

Hey Alabrax! Great to have you here! Prepare for Wiki-addiction ... ^_^ - BrokenShade

Let the web gnomes loose on the site! :) - Voidstate

Well I am failing at getting anything on here. Work is such that I dont have much access to the net anymore... well at least not without risking my job. Anyhow the Gnomes are eager... though with this site in place there isnt alot of reason to really use them like I used to. So my site is mostly going to be for building on my own game once again. Although the 101 list will live on, since I still REALLY like those. Alabrax

I had the weirdest dream last night. I don't remember anything about the rest of it, but I distinctly remember that you were trying to swallow the sun. Yeah. No clue what you look like or what your real name is, but you somehow made it into my dream as a Bond-esque supervillain. I think this means I spend way too much time on the Wiki and the WW board. --dissolvegirl

LOL too funny! Well at least I sounded cool in your dream even if I was a bad guy. Sounded EPIC too. Glad I could be part of it. :) 3 pics of me... 2 older and one from last years Origins where I met GCG :) [1] (guy on right), [2] Bond-esque :) , [3] (Eddie Bauer poster child)