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Hello, I am HaganeGiri. I have many homebrew Sorcery spells, Brawl, and Martial Arts Charms I will be posting. Also I have a theory on there being 108 Sidereals.

According to a Chinese legend, there is 108 Stars of Destiny, that just end up being above the rest, and being able to change the fate of the world. Sidereals according to canon are suppose to number somewhere around 100.

According to the Stars of Destiny there is two Categories.

The 32 Stars of Heaven = These Stars are key factors into how the universe plays out, the big movers and shakers. The 76 Stars of Earth = These Stars are the backup powers to the Heavenly Stars, the ones that kinda watch and give teamwork to the Heaven.

It is important to note that in Asian mythology and lore, their stories (Notably Romance of the Three Kingdoms) focus on entire groups of people, all working together, never one Hero and his sidekicks, all people are important.

There are 6 factions of Sidereals to my knowledge.

Gold Faction (Sidereals who want the Solars to be king again). Silver Faction Bronze Faction (Sidereals who want to be the rulers behind the throne of the Dragon Blooded). Iron Faction (referring to the Sidereals who serve the deathlords). Independents (most of which are still supporters of the Bronze Faction). Ronin (Extremly rare cases).

108 can divide by 6, but the factions are not equally divided.

I propose that the 36 Stars of Heaven are the Gold Faction Sidereals. The Stars of Heaven guide more divineness of the world, and the Solars are the most Divinely powerful.

now the 72 Stars of Earth is where things get sloppy.

  • Off the bat, 2 of the 72 are the Iron Faction, so down to 70.
  • For all intents and purposes, no Sidereal stays ronin for more than 10 years is my assumption, that would be next to impossible, and left up to ST story purposes. I will not be recognizing any ronin in my discussion, becuase any ronin will eventually join the rest of the Sidereal world, and it makes the point kinda moot.
  • Now on to the Bronze Faction, remember these are Stars of the Earth, and they guide the Terrestial Dragon-blooded, so it fits perfectly. We have three factions to split between 70.

  • Silver Faction - 3. 3 Sidereal, one to serve/guide each of the caste. They basically manage Lunar dealings, one keeps up with Full Moons and their dealings, another deals with Changing moons and their business, and the third one keeps up with No Moons and keeps tabs on their mysteries. This makes perfect sense to me.
  • Bronze Faction - 45. 9 x 5. 9x9= 108. So 9 is an auspicious number. Then the 5 caste. I would say 42 ( 8 x 5 = 40, then 2 more, one would be Chejop Kajak, the other would be another powerful figure head, but I like 9 x 5 better.
  • Independent - 32. 32 Other Sidereal just going about their business.

The rest and revision will come soon, I am at a friend's house right now. Hope everyone enjoys this.

Seems cool. -- Bira


I hope you don't mind me commenting here, but i was thinking that it is a bit more reasonable that there would be 6 Sidereal for the Silver pact. i also had an idea, how would the numbers breakdown for Sidereals monitoring the different Great Houses. - dameon16