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The New Oxford Annotated Edition

I live in sunny Miami, Florida and work at my FLGS, Outland Station. All else is extraneous.

Mission Statement

Hi, this site is all about Exalted, REAL EXALTED. This site is awesome. My name is Kicker and I can't stop thinking about Exalted. These guys are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.


  1. Exalted are mammals.
  2. Exalted fight ALL the time.
  3. The purpose of the Exalt is to flip out and kill people.


I am a Storyteller by fate, not by choice. Wherever I go, people want to play Exalted but not to run it. Despite my record, it keeps happening.


Things I made up.


Kicker/SharpPath You hear a lot about what the Twilights of the First Age did in their spare time. But what about the Eclipse?

Grabowski Gone Wild

See the Exalted Editor as you never have, nor would ever want to

Other People

Bits of the wiki that caught my, therefore meriting your, attention. (psst! I like non-standard sentence structure OMG LOL)

ExaltedBeachVolleyball : Kawaii, Ahn-Ahru-chan!


Welcome to the wiki! Sounds like you have quite the group of players. If you happen to ever move to Montgomery, AL, there's a place for you in my Sidereal game. :) --Dissolvegirl

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Gah! - Kicker

I think Geoff's comments are overstated enough without your help.... :) --MF

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