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I am very good at coming up with concepts for games but am not so good at developing them sometimes. So I have a lot of random stuff strewn around.

I play in Quendalon's terrific game Ten Thousand Broken Dreams.

Here is my epynomous character for said game: Li of Orchid, The Western Dawn. And here is her alter-ego past life who inhabits a big flaming sword and takes over her body sometimes: Katsuro Neroon the Righteous.

Second edition conversion of Li of Orchid, The Western Dawn upcoming.


Random Madness

Outside the Wiki

  • The best Map of Creation I know of, by Stephenls.
  • My blog, which never contains anything related to RPGs. I dunno. Maybe you're interested in me as a person or something.


Welcome, Doug! Enjoy the wonders of the Wiki. :) - Quendalon

Thanx for the Welcome. Hope i can make some stuff as cool as you do-Issaru