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Exalted game this sunday has: Entered Lethe many years ago. Nothing now but a distant memory..



Both the Goat Eating Technique and the All Encompassing Sorcerer's Jaw can be found at

I've also done a dragon-blooded melee charm, which is rather strange, but I think appropriate

Anime missile seeking elemental bolt charm

ThirteenGoldenDragonsStyle - please visit and comment/appeciate/etc

I now have an artifact or two to be found over at Artifacts/Darloth, and hopefully some more will be there soonish.

Hearthstones - Currently only two, located at HearthStones/Darloth

ExaltedTheTurtles - I just felt like this, after a player drew shredder during a game.

I also felt like making a four legged acid spitting turret. So I did. It was fun! WalkingWarMachines/OozeSpitter

Random Page



Here is where links to other people on the wiki go, people who I uniformly like almost all of the stuff of, or want to remember, or anything else.

  • TedPro - Universally nice ideas.
  • DeathBySurfeit - One of my players, and also my ST in another game. Truly Evil Infernals. They're really very nice... I may have to borrow them.
  • CrownedSun - Because I find myself using more and more of his rules/charms, and they all seem interesting, and usually very good.
  • SocialResolutionSystem - by CrownedSun, and I put it here so I have a quick link to it.
  • IsawaBrian - Good charms usually, great SolarBrawl charms!
  • RandomTableMadness - Remembered I really needed to link this!
  • CamTarn - an entire cyberpunk setting, apparently off the cuff. Cool. Linking here because I only found it by accident.


None yet


I don't know if you saw this, but your house rules about sub-Incapacitated health levels inspired me to attack the same problem from a totally different direction--check out MetalFatigue/SolarEndurance. --MF

Thanks savare, hadn't noticed my link wasn't right - Darloth

So... you made a martial art, Thirteen Golden Dragons Style. I'd like to know if you mind if I borrow some of its concepts for an idea I had. The theme of my idea is more about a combination of deception and movement than it is about multiplicity, but I was inspired by yours, and I want to make sure credit goes where it's due. Comment on my user page when the time comes for you to reappear. -Seraph

I've been here so often lately, I can't honestly claim to be gone anymore ^_^
-- Darloth

Starting off base WP at Essence +2 is going to tend to result in characters tending to have less willpower than the current system, less even than people who don't go crazy with raising virtues in the old system. (You can take 2 virtues at 3 and start with 6 WP in the old system, without even having to invest any BP at al into the area.) Though I suppose that may be your goal. --JohnBiles

Ehem. Yes. Mistake on my part. I -meant- +4, honest ^_^ (I have an ICQ log to prove it *grin* )

Hello! You asked me something before my hiatus, and it was on the SpellRelay - "Flowers" page. Dionaea Eye, a problem with wording. The wording was "Their concern bites with their doubts," and what I meant and clarified was that when you worry about someone, you doubt their capacity to overcome something, and yet also show love. The spell strips the love from the concern and makes it seem like terrible biting criticism. Hope you enjoy my new contributions! I've been very busy getting my heart broken and getting fired and trying to go back to school, so I regret not having come to your page sooner, you've got a brilliant mind. - Paincake


Thanks for all the comments, and please do remember none of these are really done, just ideas and stuff ^_^ -- Darloth

Alchemical close combat charms to mirror Chemical Fog Generator and the Electric Dynamo thingy, but for other elements. Metal and Crystal are fairly hard to envisage as active, and represented pretty well by the other charms, but Steam and Oil deserve their own charms!
Steam would probably be a difficulty increaser, using jets of pressurized steam to both distract/disorient an opponent and propel the alchemical's weapons/the alchemical themselves into a more advantageous position. I see it as a cheap but limited difficulty adder, probably adding up to half-ess rounded up to the difficulty of defenses against a supplemented attack, or adding the same amount to the difficulty of an incoming attack, as an environmental penalty, probably at 1m per point, although maybe 2m per point. Still considering whether they should be allowed to be used natively on melee weapons, arguments in both directions. Possibly a submodule needed for integrated weapons, and non-integrated need both the submodule and special engineering to make them compatible?
Oil is I believe described in the fluff for Lissome Avid Engineer - a liquid deployment system at any rate. Basic oil should give a bonus to wrestling moves, and should be deployable to make an area unsteady ground. Various other recipies should allow for acid, glue, or other fun-fun solutions, and a submodule/other charm should make them squirtable over a moderately short range directly at a target, rather than just spraying out from the alchemical.

New willpower-at-charcre system: Willpower = Starting Essence + 4, but still cannot exceed highest two virtues or 8, whichever is larger. When using this system, reduce the cost of virtues to 1bp per dot. They have their own disadvantages, after all. This will stop virtue-maxing to get willpower, and generally adjust the most min-maxed area of character creation. It'll also make essence at charcre a little more valuable, but not exceptionally so.

Base damage: Daiklaves, anything smaller - 1. just one. Yes. 1. Same for direlances and such. Reaver daiklaves, wavecleavers, min damage 2. Grimcleavers, min damage 3. Grand Daiklaves, min 3. Grand Grimcleavers - not sure, either 4 or 5.

Artificery system - It needs work, and I'll eventually write up a proper houseruled varient to compete with the many others around... but for now, the base time is a week per roll for personal scale artifacts, a month per roll for large or complex devices, such as warstriders, dragon-armour, small vehicles, etc, and a season per roll for gigantic city-sized cannons, air-battleships, and that game of Pong the size of a scavenger-land kingdom that everyone knows you're just dying to make.
Difficulties as per S&S, base number of successes needed as per S&S, but if something is significantly complicated for its size catagory (typically, any device that has lots of functions as opposed to just one) then it should either be shifted up a catagory or require double the successes total.
Under this system so far, a moderately skilled DB artificer can produce a standard daiklave in approximately one month. A master-craftsman with best-quality tools and skilled help can produce one in around two and a half weeks. A craft-focussed essence 4 solar willing to spend both essence and willpower in medium-large amounts can produce one in around 4-6 hours.

Targetting Computer - Some alchemical charm, not sure whether it's ranged, perception, wits, what, that adds something (Essence, Perception, Wits? Also unsure) to the accuracy of all attacks -next- round, taking a simple action to activate this round, of instant duration (although affecting the whole of next round)

steps up to a Target-Lock Impressivewordhere, which lets you lock a target for +Essence accuracy to all attacks against that target.

Both of those avoid die-adder cap by modifying accuracy.


Battle-Essence Absorption Concentration: Scene long solar essence regenerating charm: Endurance 5ish, Essence 4ish, comes off battle focus and essence gathering temper, costs... 7-8motes and 1 willpower, and then you regain 2 motes of peripheral essence every turn unless you're full, but only in life or death combat (defined by GM, but not sparring... anything where you honestly believe the enemy is trying to kill you, I guess) and every mote gained adds to anima... since they're also going into peripheral, you can rapidly light up when using the charm.

Nitpick note: The word is "absorption." _Ikselam - Fixed, thanks! - Fixed again, properly this time! Doublethanks!
Be clear on the "in life or death" thing, though-- because otherwise, you have an Impeding the Flow issue again. --IsawaBrian
True, true. I've considered 'Any non-consensual combat' which isn't too bad, and also a few based on valor-roll-necessity that I didn't like. I suppose you could just have it as any combat at all... it would mean people could spar for essence regeneration, but at 1 willpower, essence 4 and endurance 5, maybe that isn't such a big issue anyway. But, as I see it currently, it works all the time you're likely to -need- 2 motes per turn, but not when you're just using it as an excuse to refill your essence pools really fast.
-- Darloth
Staff Stats:
Speed +1, Accuracy +1, Damage +3B, Defense +2, Rate 3
Artifact 1 Battlestaff Stats:
Speed +3, Accuracy +2, Damage +5B, Defense +3, Rate 5, Commit 4 + MagicalMaterial bonuses
I like this; it's a cheap-easy artifact. Out of curiousity, is the Bashing deliberate? It would almost make more sense to make it Lethal, from the increased "heft" of a magical material. Or maybe grant it piercing to represent increased impact--IsawaBrian
It's bashing deliberately, since staves do only bashing. It's a defensive artifact to be honest, not meant to be hitting people over the head with... I make most of my blunt weapons do BL damage (soaked with bashing, half-round down converts to lethal levels) but I decided against it on this version... I figure it's just not big and hefty enough to do even that though... most of the magical materials are probably around the hearthstone setting on the top, to make it look more impressive and sorcerous.
-- Darloth

Lunar beastman transformations - I agree there should be three, but I think you should be able to choose whichever you like, and they stack, giving you only ONE beastman form. Total picks still equal essence... so an essence 3 lunar can be a deadly, tricky, wise beastman... but is going to be out fought by the full moon combat twink with 3 picks of deadly. Names as yet undecided, and I think they should have both General gifts, pickable with any transformation, and Specific gifts, pickable with only one of the three. the increased perceptions gift should be folded into statup(another set of attribs) gift, and horrifying might should be triplicated into statup(this set of attribs) gift. Need to find that other similar project on here and compare notes... now, who's was it again? Aha - it was LunarRevisions/BeastmanTransformations, by DualMegami, who has generally nice rules, and good stuff for lunars.

solar essence 6-7 melee charm: Eightfold Infinity Strike - 10m, 2wp - you roll an infinate amount of dice to attack, so get an infinate amount of successes to hit, and an infinate amount of successes to damage. They die, unless they have a charm.

Like this charm:

Solar dodge 5 ess 3 - 4 motes - Instant, Reflexive, incoming attack is Limited to (6-Essence) successes. This is my version (higher up, because it feels nicer) of the abyssal subtract dice from incoming attack yet isn't a dodge. This exemplifies the perfection and "It shall be thus" nature of solars, without duplicating another mechanic, without hopefully being overpowered, and providing a third layer of defense which isn't strictly a defense. I thought dodge needed something like this, since most other splats have other options in their Dodge trees. It comes off SSE, and explicitly takes effect after all things which are treated as dodges/parries. It's a plink-forcer, not something to allow your FLB to dodge anything at all. You can't get negative successes, but an attack reduced to 0 successes still hits (this isn't a defense, strictly speaking) it simply has no bonus to base damage.

Dragonlance - Stats of a dire lance, wide bladed spear thingy. It grants abilities roughly equal to either a shock pike or maybe Elemental Bolt Technique, but can also have this ranged attack modified by (some?) melee charms, including dragon-graced weapon. Thrown/Archery charms also? seems rather widespread if so... no, make it a melee-only, so DGW and offshoots, perhaps. If it counts as an Elemental Bolt, let people who know that charm channel twice the motes or enhance it in any other way. Benefit from acc of lance rather than essence, though. Should beams/blasts/others be channelable through it? Maybe, maybe. Art 3, commit... 6ish.

Shoulder-Harpoon charm, off Paramag tether, costs 5ish essence? Commit to maintain beam, diff of Str + Ess to break, or spend 1m per (perm essence) yards to create magical material chain, same break diff. - if hit an opponent and damaged, can then perform ranged throws or something... can be used to entangle with stunt maybe?

Hmm, there was something else, but I forget. Ah well

Ah yes... Spell-spire rods, casting a single spell with various benefits, come in all five (fruity) flavours!**(done!)**

Anime-Micro-Missile-Elemental-Bolt-Upgrade! variable motes, 1 willpower, probably simple, throw Essence elemental bolts at once with cool spirally essence-trails! Compatible with (some) elemental lenses! **(Done!)**

Hungry Essence-Tearing Knife - Abyssal thrown charm, ess 4, causes scene-long essence drain, may have other nasty effects.

5-7motes 1 willpower, Abyssal scene-long dodge-weirdness... Essence 4, every extra success on a dodge that the abyssal gets is added to a 'despair pool' for a specific target. Every time this pool reaches half-willpower of target (round down) it inflicts a scene-long -1 to all attempts to hit the abyssal, following normal die-reduction charm limits etc.

Grue, as some sort of darkness-only first circle demon.

poke Veav about his manhack, a light and mirrors based first circle demon that is cool.

and finally... the Thousand-Point Alabaster and Ebony Chrysanthenum. Mechanically, it's just a combo of the abyssal needle-thrown charms with Cascade of Cutting Terror, seasoned as desired, but visually, you can describe this as a wonderful display of needles spiralling outwards leaving pretty white trails, and then inverting them to black as the needles spiral inwards to puncture a target, the thousands of razor points piercing and then exiting their body in an artistic spray of blood which forms a chrysanthenum-like pattern upon whatever surface they happen to be standing (now collapsing) upon.

Alchemical hand-weapon - Micro Implosion Bow: Similar to the artifact crossbow, but costs 1-mote to activate for a scene. The bow has two antenna -like protrusions that stick out below the business end, and act as a floating support by tapping into the essence flows and levitating the end of the gun somewhat. They will not hold it in midair by themselves, but they're wonderful at redirecting recoil and generally stabilizing it enough to be easy to use.

It has two firing modes, a small, cheap (1mote) shot, which is single target and damage comparable to an artifact crossbow, and high-power mode. High power mode takes a turn to charge before the shot, can be released (And must be) anytime during the 2nd turn, and a 3rd turn to 'cool down'. It costs 3m and has the same stats as a full-power warstrider light implosion bow shot.

first circle demon - starts out looking like a stick. It either sticks into the ground, waiting, or is thrown by its master, or whatever. Anyway:

There is a stick, bending softly in the wind with perhaps a hint of white at one end. For whatever reason, it falls, spins end over end, and when one end hits the ground, it splits, and it is twice as long... but thorns also grow, at the joint. And it does it again, and again, expanding to the side and along, until it is a vast spider, flipping end over end towards its prey.

But it does not stop there. It flips, and splits, and flips, and splits, until it is a vast sphere, seven yards high, with thorns and spikes both inwards and outwards, rolling over and over itself, and in the centre, an insect-spider of barbed spines runs, pushing on the inner spikes-which-are-itself like some bizarre conveyance, puncturing any in its path until it reaches its victim... And there it stops, the sphere of thorns splitting like a seed putting forth a shoot, and the insect-spider opens up its arms in welcome, taking on the aspect of a mother, forgiving and eternal. And then it closes, sphere repelling any assault as insect-spider within slowly devours the enraptured prey, many legs wrapped around the victim in a parody of clothing, like thorned straps sucking the blood from each and every limb... Until there is nothing more than a husk, from which the bones are ripped, and into every long bone it digs a thorn, that grows and grows so slowly that it cannot truly be seen, but in the end, the bone itself is nothing but a memory, a pale hint of white at one end of a stick, bending softly in the wind.

The Sunspinners:

Artifact 5 spidergauntlet thingies.

spidergauntlet powers as a side-effect of form and function. In reality, however, they are the repositries of a millenia of concentrated sunlight, and the pure souls of 10 saintly mortals who each chose to sacrifice themselves on the altar of the Sun.

  • designed as a nightcaste weapon
  • sunsilk threads which contain an essentially infinate amount of heat - the more pressure, the hotter they get.
  • As an action, destroy any extra-grade undead (specifically undead/necro extras) within range
  • Each turn an army consisting mainly of extra-grade undead is in combat with the wielder, their magnitude is halved (round down) before other effects.
  • deals agg damage to non-extra dead/undead things.
  • 15 yard reach
  • actions apply attacks to any/all/specified opponents within the 15 yards.
  • as a single action, can form a defensive weave, applying that defense until released - this takes a point of rate, and in 2e, removes onslaught penalty from DV until dropped.
  • also good for climbing and grappling, as they can cut securely into almost anything
  • ignore mortal soaks, piercing against 5MM armour - eventually cuts through everything except orichalcum, soulsteel or adamant.
  • looks shiny
  • threadweapon - because we always need more.
  • melee and or thrown to use, not sure.

A new idea for a game - a dual DB and Lunar game, alternating between the two sides. Players would play dragonblooded for one session (or maybe half-session) and then switch to lunars for the next, observing both sides in the endless war for and against civilisation.

Jareth the Golden Eagle was betrayed by the silvered tongue of Caerlon Riverwind, and cast down by his own followers. Teth and Seraphina fought over Gem for 40 nights and forty days, before finally slaying each other on the field of battle, revealing at the last moment that both still held their love for one another in some deep place within their heart. As for Sienna, well, he passed into the Wyld as soon as he had entombed Jira beneath the mountain of NewHope, to slumber there for evermore. Some say he could not bear to cast eyes upon than beauteous eden, knowing the price that had been paid to forge it true. (the last days of the gold and brass circle)

The pattern spiders are forbidden from interfering with the fates they weave, and are rebuked for any changes in the thread of destiny planned out. However, much as they can express their anger over the unreasonable demands of astrology via pattern bite, they also play favourites, each spider treating the harmonious actions of those who's destiny it spins as tiny prayers, and reward them in turn. These are stunts, and while they work elsewhere through sheer force of personality, this is how they are manifest in Creation. However, the spiders would be disciplined were they ever to actually -change- a destiny, and so stunts can never change the outcome of a result. A strike that hits will always be a success... a stunt would simply make it better, more elegant, and more effective. A failed defence will always fail, but an impressive stunt might sway the spiders to tilt things just a little in the favour of the beleaguered defender, reducing their margin of failure.

  • Stunts take effect after the roll - they do not modify the roll. Stunt bonuses are the same, but add successes rather than dice.
  • Stunting a failed roll is not worth it - just narrate a quick miss - quicker when the dice hate you
  • Stunting a botch can perhaps mitigate the worst of its effects.
  • Stunts to allow the impossible work exactly the same
  • Essence regain from stunts... Is a difficult question. "If the stunt was successful" has always been a complicated point.
  • Disadvantage is that any roll with a fixed succeed/fail difficulty no longer has noticeable benefits for stunting.

(Borrowed from Warehouse 23) A single roll of wintergreen breath mints of an unfamiliar brand name (packed tightly with shipping peanuts and other protective materials). The roll contains twelve mints, each white with a yellowish pellet in the center. By sucking out the yellow pellet and blowing through the mint, as long as the mint and pellet are both intact in the user's mouth, the user may breathe a jet of flame 15 feet long. Intact, the mints also explode violently on impact. - These would make a great concept for Solos, the Mint of the Unconquered Sun. They would need to be subtly altered and perhaps changed into golden sunfire that burns minty fresh and destroys demons (agg damage) or the enemies of the breather (normal damage).

The Sixteen-fingered Claw of Melat Thilak - 16 self ambulatory knifedagger-claws on the end of moonsilver chains, attached to a huge full-arm gauntlet with fused fingers. Each claw covers itself in a separate and different poison, and the gauntlet itself has a war score and can make coordinated attacks. A maximum of 5 claws can attack one opponent at once, and you cannot split your action using it - but you do get 16 claw attacks to distribute. They do not do much damage, but can entangle and clinch. No strength bonus, since they attack on their own. Claw may require loss of fingers or arm to use, turn user's blood to venom, or some other nasty drawback. Artifact 5.

Game notes:

  • using DarSys and doubled charm slots
  • using free excellencies for favoured.
  • all excellencies naturally gain the flow keyword, and synergise better with Infinite Ability Mastery - When using an excellency as a non-charm flow, the Infinite Ability Mastery can provide up to (essence) motes of discount. To gain more motes of discount the solar must purchase another charm which allows full use of their Mastery with flowing excellencies... of course, they could just designate the excellency as being in a combo.
  • For celestials, rerollers still cannot be used on an added roll, but that limit can by paying 1 willpower, which also makes that use of the 3rd excellency ignore ex cap. The amount of motes spent on the excellencies may still never sum to more than Attrib + Ability (without 3rd + willpower). Dragonblooded may reroll freely, their reroller charm is not affected.
  • Conviction = Must be battling for a cause, Compassion = must be defending something important, Temperance = Must not perpetuate the conflict, Valor = Must be unwilling to back down.
  • Opponents can spend (your linked virtue *2) willpower points to just ignore a perfect for one moment. Note, this can be a flurry!
  • Essence tied combos - each point of Essence grants one combo, with Essence charms in it. Advancing in Essence buys you one entirely new combo, and adds one charm to all previous combos.
10xp to buy a new combo slot (max of Ess+2 total)
5xp to expand a combo slot by one space (max of Ess+2 total).
Cheaper cost (your Essence in xp) to wipe a combo slot to replace it with a different combo. No partial wipes, get them right or pay full cost to change. maybe just 5xp to change.
  • No BP at character creation, make as usual but with exp instead of bp. A 1bp = 4xp tradeoff isn't too bad. However, instead of giving out 60, give out 120 to increase power level.
  • Essence starts at 4. 10 extra charmpicks free.
  • Base willpower is 7, not tied to virtues. You still need a virtue pair total of 9 or 10 if you want to boost willpower to that level though. (This applies after character creation as well)
  • Extra background dots need to be bought as if they were abilities.
  • Favoured Attribute and Ability limits changed to Ess + 2. Nonfavoured remain at Ess. (use 5 for both if higher, of course)
  • Be mean on stunt timings. If text isn't appearing regularly, you delayed your action.
  • enforce interesting character histories. If there aren't at least 2-3 heroic mini tales told about them, suggest they take less essence to compensate.
  • limit flaws, limit flaws, limit flaws - everyone needs a method for rationalizing their breaks, and everyone should have broken at least once pregame, or have a reason why not. Remember the triangle. Perhaps partial breaks only clear half the limit set. That sounds good.
  • Defensive Guardbreaking causes limit = to willpower spent. Being offensively guardbroken causes 1 limit point. Maybe. Could just swap limit for cost possibly... think more!
  • Vritues cost (Current Rating * 2) to raise.
  • cure trust issues on both sides rapidly. Establish that everybody else is probably not trustworthy, no matter what colour they glow, or how well you think you know them. Point at supernatural manipulation/setups etc.
  • fourth grants 2 on 9, 3 on 10. 5th grants pick and choose timing, for that ab at least.
  • Stuff transforming into other stuff when it's blocked/surrounded is treated as a grapple check, except doing lethal damage and ignoring armour. This is especially the case if anyone is foolish enough to swallow a lunar who then turns into something large. Turning into sharp/pointy/whatever things grants a benefit, half the damage bonus in the case of weaponry.
  • Arsenal background gets you three times its level in artifact dots, each artifact/stone not exceeding (Arsenal+1). One dot of artifact can be dropped to get 10 volatile resource points to spend instead.

Rearrange damage resist tree in solar resist: Spirit Strengthen's the Skin first. Dura of Oak, ISC and ASTech should all be separately linked to it. 1m/2 damage for SStS, but cap it at Sta + resist (motes or damage?). Uppower Dura of Oak and scale with essence. Bake for 30 minutes, separate, and serve.

Mass combat tweaks:

  • need at least 5 actual bodies to count as a complementary unit. Otherwise, act as a group of solos.
  • Instead of war limiting the combat abils of solo units, war averages with them (round up) - a bit fairer.
  • No using charms (except excellencies) to benefit unit actions unless they have the war tag or you have some other method to cheat. Excellencies are OK, though.
  • Rout checks - difficulty is the same, but pool is different: Morale +/- (Difference in magnitude capped at +/- 3) + Drill. - this means larger units resist fear BETTER. duh.
  • Solo units do not need to roll rout checks (they may need valor checks, but don't have to roll explicit hesitation/rout checks)
  • Solo units DO need exhaustion checks, but roll Stamina + Resistance instead of Charisma + War.
  • Fighting in close formation causes dodge DV to be inapplicable (it states this earlier, but not in mass combat -_-)
  • Being enveloped by another unit also causes a -2 penalty to dodge DV.
  • Area of effect attacks which target a unit add one to the difficulty of any resulting rout check. Units in close formation double post-soak damage inflicted by such attacks. Units in skirmish formation halve this. A unit also does not benefit from any DV bonus derived from Magnitude. - (borrowed this from Blaque)


Split the overpowered idolsinger methodology into:

Infatuation-Gathering Grace - permanant, gives the intimacy + app effects, counts as Emotion and people can ignore it for one scene for 1wp each
and then the Ever-Present Idol Methodology - also Ess 4, 8m, 2wp, supplemental, applies a performance check result (always) to everyone within Ess miles one day after it is made.

Warstrider tweaks:

  • Speed of warstriders is curiously fast. They go 10 times faster, but aren't 10 times as large... even when you take great strength into account, why should they be that fast? They're not big enough to grant that speed boost... Warstriders move at four times the speed, or six times in the case of scout striders. (Nobles are large enough that they should probably get 5x as well.)