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I post things. They interest you.

In case anyone out there still cares, Sol Invictus (the one and only comprehensive, illustrated fansupplement extending all twenty-four Solar Charm trees to Essence 6 and providing a comprehensive First Edition guide to Charm creation and Storytelling a high-Essence game) is at a permanent link that still seems to work every time I try it. Enjoy!

Charlequin/MailAndSteelSample -- A Mail and Steel 101.

Charlequin/SolarCharmTrees -- Annotated, comprehensive Charm tree charts for the Solar Exalted.

Charlequin/ManacleAndCoinRevisedChart -- A version of the Manacle and Coin cost chart, revised to better fit with the monetary values presented elsewhere in the book

Charlequin/AlternateLunarAffiliations -- New groups for your Lunar PC to be affiliated with, both within and outside the Silver Pact

Charlequin/ArmsAndArmorSystem -- How to turn any mundane weapon or armor into a "standard" artifact, with guidelines for further customization

SolarOccult/Charlequin -- Charms which enable new types of Combos.

SiderealLore/Charlequin -- A new system of prophecy for the Fivescore Fellowship.


Mail and Steel question, since you obviously understand it better than I do at this point ;-) Do Solo Units get values for all the calculated stats? Hand to hand, ranged, armor and such. - Malikai

I answered this for you on the thread, with page references:) The answer is no, BTW:) -- CrownedSun

Took a look at the Resources chart and it looks good. Will prolly use it in my DB game. - Caelene

We use it in most of my groups games too - Malikai

Am I correct in thinking that Sol Invictus is your baby? If so, I thoroughly love it and worship it as the capping stone on First Edition. I look forward to any additions you might offer for Second Ed also. Now, while I have my own copy of Sol Invictus, the Wiki that hosted the only copy apparently available on the web is no longer doing so: it's a broken link and the file isn't there. Just to let you know, because we all love Sol Invictus, and if we don't we're crap. - Alaron