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I would put the log of my games here, but I'm too lazy... sorry. ^_^;;;

The game logs for the game I ST can be found here @ Exalted : End Games. It should be noted that the game is, as of 14 May 2005, dead. I'm no longer running it. It's dead and gone.

My utterly boring blog can be found here @ Bomb The Blog. It also by utter coincidence has the logs of the exalted game that I'm playing in... woooo... ^_^

I also chill out here, in this nice quiet Live Journal Community called Second Age

As for who I am... I am Haku, known as Baka Mazoku to some, Snowy to others. But mainly Haku, as that was the name I carved out on the hallowed grounds of the first Exalted Game I was introduced to.

In any event, I'm more used to coding with raw html in a text editor, the wiki code is somewhat different from what I'm used to, but not too different, as I can cheerfully use script-monkey-fu to mimic those things that I see and like. ^_-

Custom Gear & Stuff

Dragon Blades - artifact 3 
An elegant weapon for a more civilized day.
Dragon Blades - artifact 3 
2nd Edition Conversion.
Music Caster - artifact 1 
A simple musical artifact
Ragnarok Blade - artifact 4 
A nice shiny artifact weapon that I brought with me from the EC. ^_-
Solar Dodge Charms 
Currently has 1e dodge charms
Solar Survival Charms 
Currently has 1e NUCLEAR BURNINATION charm
Lunar Knacks 
Currently has 2e knacks for chimerae who enter creation and make it their playground

Game Character Notations 
Misa - Solar Exalted 
This is a character I'll be playing in Micah's "Shaking the Pillars of Heaven" game.
Miyuki - Godblooded NPC 
This is a NPC retainerof my character's in Micah's "Shaking the Pillars of Heaven" game.
Dibra - Dragonblooded Exalted 
This is a character created for GoldenCat's "Diamond Age" game. I won't be able to play in it at it's current set time... but if it ever changes to one where I can game. ^_^

Martial Arts 
Blossoming Cherry Tree Style - Terresterial 
Martial arts don't have to be overpowered to be fun and stunt-worthy.
Blossoming Cherry Tree Style - Terresterial 
Style and power go hand in hand for 2nd ed fun.
Celestial Courtesan Style - Celestial 
This is my rebutal to the Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style.
Divine She-wolf Style - Terresterial 
An odd martial arts style designed with humor and combat ability in mind. I feel so dirty now...
Dragon of Emerald and Brass Style - Celestial 
A style based on Those Who Came Before. 2nd Edition
Five Dragons Bound as One Style - Celestial 
An anti-elemental being type martial arts. Designed to subdue and dominate said elementally aligned being.
Spirited Steel Hurricane Style - Celestial 
A deadly and brutal martial arts based on the grand daiklave and the fury of the storm.
2nd Edition Spirited Steel Hurricane Style - Celestial 
A deadly and brutal martial arts based on the grand daiklave and the fury of the storm. - 2nd Edition
Thousand Dragon Style - Terresterial 
A style that is developed for mounted martial artist so that they can be all cool like Lu Bu.
Worldly Harlot Style - Terresterial 
Yes, a terresterial style that is based on one of the oldest profession in the world.
Imperial (Element) Disregard of Reality - Terresterial 
Why yes, that IS some Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Illusions.
Sidereal Great Curse 
A possible tie-in to Exalted High?

Game Background Notes 
Exalted : End Games 
The background notes on the setting in my game, don't worry... this is going to be spoiler-free, especially since it's no longer being run, I guess there can be no spoils. I'll just need to think up something coherent.
Exalted : Age of Strife 
Some random thoughts of what if...
Exalted : Fear in a handful of Dust 
A random game that I've started up online. This is primary a low end game (after a fashioned). It's also an experiment to see how far a mortal (or mostly so) can go. How fearsome in Creation can he or she be, where exalts stand astride it as worldly powers.
Exalted : Terresterial Lunars 
rewriting the lunars as terresterial exalted - a work in progress.
My own CSS sheet 
Giving the wiki my own personal touch, or at least the way I see it... ^_^


This is where you dump your various comments and stuff.

Hi Haku. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for getting the voting going on the MA Best Of page. Cheers. Voidstate

Not a problem. I do hope that other people do vote for some of my MA styles... I'll not vote one of my trees in, until I'm certain I know which one I should favor... ^_^; ~ Haku

Hi! Just took a look at the Dragons Bound as One, I think it's cool! Hope you have ideas for a 2nd Ed version of it! -- JadeSerpent

Thanks! And I'll be doing a 2nd ed versions of everything I have once I fully digest the changes in the rules... ~ Haku

Hey, I have added the charms to the "Pimp Style" (still no name yet). Come check it out =) /Swifty