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This idea game up from a conversation I was having with someone in #WoD on irc.magicstar.net (name withheld to protect the .....well not exactly innocent...but...)

Anyways without further ado, picture the scene:

Burning Tiger eyed the dragonblooded arrayed before him, his daiklaive held defensively, the glowing arcs of the fivefold bulkwark stance surrounding him. a furious exchange of blows later and there were injuries on both sides, the fire aspects blade having slipped past his guard, but in return he had given the wood aspect and the air aspect cuts they would not forget soon. It was then that the Infailiable Messenger arrived
"Visit Sapphire Songs Weapons Emporium at the Nexus Markets
Great Swords, Great Bows, Great Prices
Buy your arsnal here!!
This week prices slashed on all great swords!"
he looked about and saw only sympathy on the faces of the blooded, for a breif instant, before the battle began again...

More will follow, but this page is basically an exploration of the spells, charms and artifacts that can be used to reproduce what we all know and hate ^_^

but enough for now..I need to got wash my hands...