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So. Mechanically, Trying to read the fate of an abyssal, abyssal half-caste or ghost-blood suffers a +2 didfficulty, because part of their destiny is written out in the stars of the underworld. Fair enough: But how does it manifest in to a Sidereal? what are the ramifications? Well, To my mind, it must show up as a fuzziness, an uncertainty, in the prediction: because, unless you are very good, it's hard to see what it is these individuals are doing. Logically, however, this Uncertainty will follow through into everything connected to every act these individuals perform. They must introduce complexity, uncertainty, fuzziness into the equation. It follows, then, that when planning fate for events in which one of these people is involved, and anything those events affect, it must be more difficult, and errors are more likely: If this is the case, then multiple individuals with underworld ties must worsen the problem, and just by interacting with creation, create flaws in the tapestry that the sidereal conventions will be forced to correct. If this is correct, would it not follow that if you get enough people with death-tainted destinies into creation, it could potentially unravel the tapestry entirely? Would this not be a good reason to encourage as many ghost-blooded and abyssal half-caste as possible? It can even be seen as an insiduous after effect of the Abyssal destiny: Just by existing, they corrupt the tapestry. Whaddaya think?


I think it would take a really huge infusion of them to unravel the tapestry. The Contagion was outside of Fate, killed 90% of humanity, and yet the Tapestry didn't fail. Mind you, even though the tapestry might not unravel, it does give a big benny to Abyssal operations. Also, you might wish to link the Discussion page to this, since you seem to be inviting open commentary on your thoughts. --JohnBiles

Done. I was debating that, decided against, but you outvote the bit of me that says no. I concur, and I don't see the mere presence of death-types as destroying the tapestry: More that.. well. Let's say I have an entire circle of abyssals, each with a dozen half-caste and ghost-blooded serving them, all running and ruling a city. HOW hard is it going to be to chart fates involving that city? how many errors are going to start cropping up, leading to errors in causality, and demons and fair folk entering creation through the resultant holes? Which, of course, can only make the problem worse. This isn't about destroying fates: This is abnout blurring Everyone's fate. - Molikai

Essence-users in general cause that effect though? Just think of the headache planning fate for the Blessed Isle is, where all those dragonbloods can often evade well-planned fates just by changing the way things are. Abyssals are just worse for it, with their inherant +2 difficulty. I think the Loom and Sidereals are used to coping with uncertainty spilling over and general weird stuff in general though.
-- Darloth

Mmm. I did consider that, and there is a certain veracity in your agument: but all the types mentioned above are essence users, or have the potential to be so, and would have that effect, on top of the effect of just being tied to the Underworld. Also, From what I recall - or at least in my games - the distortion caused by essence users only applies if they are actually using their charms, using essence: It's not a 24/7 event, but this is: these people generate that kind of interference just by existing. I'd tend to agree with you, though, that the effect would manifest t othe sidereals the same way: I just feel it might have a bigger impact. I got to thinking of it largely in terms of plotdevicium: It would be to the malfean's benefit to have all these dead-tied floating around in creation. It does also make me wonder.. if they got a critical mass of dead-tied, if they gained control of fates in the underworld, they could probably influence fate in creation with these proxies.. muahaha. - Molikai

Your spelling stinks. And anyway, just because the Loom goes all pear-shaped doesn't mean that reality will start to unwind. It probably will, but the Loom, which just controls fate and all that BS, won't directly be the cause. So yes, it would be supremely awesome if the Abyssals unwound the Loom. Everything would be all...chaosy...and stuff. Yay! - Han'ya