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This is a repost from the forums, in the hopes that you FINE Wiki-ites might be willing and able to help me...

Wow...it's been a...long...night. I sat down with my group tonight and, after a lame attempt at doing the regular session, we all sat down and decided what we wanted in an Exalted game, but hadn't gotten from any previous games we've played.

We determined that we liked the open-endedness, the mixed circle, and the circle unity of Heroes of Chaos; but that we also liked the over-riding purpose the End of the World game gave. So, learning from experience, we discussed what we wanted and what characters we wanted to play.


I'm starting a new series. If it takes off and lasts a long time like the Heroes game did, great! If not, well we'll try again dammit! However, having done a full, round-table, equal-time discussion, I really, REALLY think this new series has a lot more going for it than any other game we've done before. That said, help.

What we have: Circle: A Dawn caste aging general (Gallant for sure) Basically an old warhorse put out to pasture in some remote outpost, not even allowed the dignity of death in battle. When his outpost is attacked and his old bones fail him, he Exalts and drives off the aggressors, earning the admiration of his former charges. Now he fights for justice, a youth in the body of a senior, reinvigorated. Just don't call him old...

A Zenith caste righteous scavenger lord (Probably Paragon or Traditionalist) Actually very similar to the Twilight Evander Cristos (from my End Of The World game, ok so it actually IS Evander with some changes). He's ousted nobility, granted a holy quest by Sol Invictus to save the world, one kingdom at a time. Picture a mujahadeen-esque holy warrior, fanatically devout in his religion. Visually, we all pictured him as that one guy with the face tattoos from The Mummy. You know the one.

A Night caste vigilante (ala the Boondock Saints) (Likely a Judge) Like Evander, Lily is basically a retooling of the former concept, ditching the bloodthirsty evil sais and making her more of a righteous avenger than a cold-blooded killer. The daughter of a wealthy Great Forks crimelord, she at first turned to vigilantism as a counter to boredom but eventually it became a passion that drove her.

A Lynx Totem Changing Moon cat burglar (More than likely another Gallant) A devout of the Silver Pact, who works to destroy mankind's reliance of civilized crutches by stealing that which man does not truly need. Thus, he justifies his thefts as forcing man to learn to survive and adapt on his own, freeing his mind from the mental slavery of society. But we all know he does it for the women. Picture a very gallant, dashing rogue. In addition, he's the God-blooded son of a MAJOR Yu-Shan entity, perhaps a Lesser Elemental Dragon or somesuch, likely conceived during the Carnival of Meeting.

A Raven Totem No Moon prophet/seer (Picturing a Visionary) Once a common citydweller, one night a nightmare, a vision really, came upon him in the midst of a storm. In this vision, he saw the end of all that was and will be. As he wept and gnashed his teeth, a young boy approached him and told him that what he saw would come to pass, unless he were to go out and gather together and show the way those who could prevent it. Luna Exalted him that he might enlighten those heroes and serve as their wise council. After learning the ways of the No Moon and mastering the flows of Essence, he departed from his No Moon mentors to go and fulfill his destiny. Thematically, he's the Old Indian Shaman meets Morpheus. Visually, he looks alot like Medivh from Warcraft 3.

Most of the circle knows each other, although we're thinking that they only recently decided to form a circle. The Zenith and the No Moon form the spiritual core of the circle, as the direct emmisaries of their respective Gods.

The players have all expressed a desire to become movers and shakers, to achieve the higher end of their potential, to truly rock the world. They'd like to creat a Solar nation of some sort as a start, to offer an alternative to the Realm or chaos. They'd be REALLY interested in taking on Rathess.

What we DON'T have: A cohesive story yet. No real long-term plots or anything major in the works yet. This is where you come in. Story hooks, plot seeds, ideas, just anything cool you can think of to contribute or add I'd love to hear. I value your opinions DEEPLY, and look to this place as major source of inspiration. So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out here! Thanks in advance. -- Sigilistic