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When an air immaculate uses an infinte jade chakram(described in DB errata) does he get 5 attacks in which he can throw 5 chakrams each time(taking the minus penalties for a total of (assuming he hits 5 times) 25 rolls of damage(one for each chakram)unsure since i am not sure how rate would match up with the air style ability to throw as many chakrams as thier martial arts ability. It would seem that rate applies for the individual attack throws

- Someonewhowouldliketoknow

The canon isn't really clear on this. One popular house ruling is as follows: The Air Immaculate weapon ability is analogous to a creature's multiple attacks. This means that the "additional attacks" are a special quality of the first action; they don't multiply with dice-pool splitting and are incompatible with Extra Actions effects, but they are, and do multiply, with Independent Actions (not that that's ever going to be relevant).


  • Davey Dragon has three natural attacks; with an attack action, he can perform two claw attacks and a bite attack. If he splits his dice pool, his first action comprises these three attacks, and his additional actions are more of one of the actions he performs with his natural attack routine.
    • If he splits his dice pool three ways, he recieves five total attacks, in one of two ways:
      • Two claws and a bite, all at -3, one claw at -4, and one claw at -5, or
      • Two claws and a bite, all at -3, one bite at -4, and one bite at -5.

    • If he uses an Extra Action Charm that gives him five attacks, he may perform five bites or five claws.
  • Airby the Air Immaculate has MA 5, so he can throw 5 chakrams with one Martial Arts attack.
    • If he splits his dice pool three ways, he recieves seven total attacks: 5 chakrams at -3, 1 chakram at -4, and 1 chakram at -5.
    • If he uses an Extra Action Charm that gives him five attacks, he throws five chakrams.

- willows

Thanks for the clarification. ONe more question what exactly constitutes a form. Could whirlwind shield form not work with air dragon form because they both have the word form in it. Or is form specific to the martial arts category (where for terrestials they must make a dex + MA roll). I guess the question is what actually makes something a form?\\ - ?

I, for one, would say that only Martial Arts form-"type" charms need apply.\\ ~*~Braydz~*~

Charm names have no game-mechanical effect; they're just labels. The wording in the Charm where it says, "This is a Martial Arts form-type Charm..." is what makes it a Form with reference to other Charms that talk about being incompatible with "Martial Arts Form-type Charms." - willows

New question that I am unclear on:

For the attack using multiple chakrams is the success from your attack roll applied to all the chakrams. or only one of the chakrams. For instance assuming str 3 base +1 from chakrams and 4 successes. Do you have multiple damage rolls that have a potential of 8 damage or is it one has a potential of 8 and the rest have only 4. I could see it as being either way with all the chakrams you throw being thrown accurately or with only one being thrown accurately and the others just being tossed along with the orginal chakram.


I'm afraid I don't really see it that way. It specifically says for each Martial Arts action they can throw their MA in Chakrams. If they split their dice pool 3 ways and have a MA of 5 then they would throw five chakrams, using one attack roll at minus three and adding extra successes to all damage for each chakram and rolling damage seperately. Then they would throw five more at minus four, and five more at minus five. They really can fill the air with chakrams. Extra action charms get even more. If they get their MA in actions then they get five attack rolls with 5 damage rolls for each attack that hits. Of course the defender only has to defend against five attack rolls.

Some house rules I would use are you roll damage once and just use that as the damage rolls for the others, unless you are adding to damage which you would have to do for each chakram individually.

Can't think of the other one right now, but yeah, it is rather nasty. -Jaelra

You don't have to be afraid of disagreeing with me. I hope I made it clear that my viewpoint was a non-canonical one. Thanks for explaining the canonical interpretation. - willows

Wouldn't they have to attune five such chakrams for this to work? Committing 20 motes is not so simple on top of activating the form charm. - Xeriar

This is the whole point of the Infinite Jade Chakram. To be more explicit about that, IJCs are an essence-weapon generator; you hold the chakram in your hand, and throw as many ghostly duplicates of it as you like. So you don't need to attune five; you have infinity in the palm of your hand. - willows

And the fact that they're -only- available in jade annoys me, as it says they can't be made in anything else. (Or at least that they never are, implying that they don't work as well in any other MagicalMaterial).
- Darloth

My personal take on the 'Jade Only' thing is, sure, that's how they work for the Infinite Jade Chakram. You'd have to do it a little different for someone else, but you can probably get a similar effect. I'm planning on buying (as a mod, or in its own right- long story) an orichalcum artifact that works similar for my Martial Artist Dawn; instead of a chakram that generates shadows, it's a bracer (or addition to one) that generates burning discs of fire- basically, that generates Solar Chakrams with the stats of a 5MM chakram for free. I may beef the artifact level up by one, add some other tweaks to its basic stats, and of course, this will up the Essence investment- but it's a different take on the same principle that, I hope, will be compatible. - IsawaBrian