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The upcoming Realm Civil War is one of the big events in the Exalted setting. How do you use it in your chronicles? This discussion is partly discussion (naturally) and partly to act as a central point for Realm Civil War links.

Personally, I kind of like the idea posted by LordAuran on rpg.net:

This makes me envision a very different kind of RCW, more suited to a DB campaign. Realizing that war is inevitable, but that the Realm comes first, the Dragon Blooded begin an epic conflict that's truly civil. Heroes of the various houses uphold their duties to the empire even as they fight Creation-shaking duels in the Jade halls of power. With the Immaculate Order as neutral observers and judges, the Houses are able to leave the common people untouched as they fight for dominance. Of course, some less savoury Dynasts would try to backstab, assassinate, etc... but they'd have to be careful, for a loss of face would result in the rest of the Houses devouring them for their dishonor. This would suit the goals of the bronze faction, and would keep the Celestials from taking the Realm while it's at war. Best of all, this scenario would actually be fun to play, unlike "Solars fly in on super-airships with an army of Tiger Warrior Invulnerable Skin of Bronze Daiklave Amalgams and a whole city of Behemoth Beastmen".

-- JesseLowe