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Hello, hello. This is a discussion that I'm wondering about.

Basically, I was considering putting a few pieces of work onto the Wiki. However, they're of an adult nature. I'm not sure whether (a) they should go here at all, (b) they should be labelled appropriately in revisions, (c) they should have a subsection, or (d) they should just be dropped in wherever.

After some of the earlier discussions that exploded, I thought that the best approach was to talk to the Wiki as a whole, and see what the reigning opinion is (also, if the administrators have something to say about this). So. There you go. Should there be adult stuff here, should it be labelled, and should it be subdivided so that people don't accidentally wander into it? - ShadowSpinner

Several pages on the Wiki already contain material of an adult nature. I'm not sure what the main demographic on the Wiki is, but I'm fairly sure that most of us are able to handle "adult" material. Some players may be put off by it though, I agree. Probably best to not have "Adult nature" in the title or anything, or a subdivided section just for it, because that screams "I'm adult material, look at me!" Better to simply have a disclaimer or warning at the top of the page saying that this page contains Adult material. - Trithne
Doesn't bother me, at least. -- GreenLantern
Well, considering the source material, I don't think adult type stuff is even sorta off limits. Standard Exalted books usually read about a 4 on the Sleaze-O-Meter. Just label the stuff, preferably on the page itself; revision comments get lost very quickly sometimes. While I don't mind per se, I would very much appreciate forewarning. ~Capric