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What up with the White Wolf Website

So the site's been down for two days now. Anyone wondering if they're going to be making major changes to the site or if there are other problems going on? Like financial trouble with the company? -Dmccoy1693

White Wolf got hacked, apparently by professional cyber-crime extortion types. By appearances, no credit card data was directly taken, but the crackers did steal user names and encrypted passwords- and intimdated that those who use the same user name and password elsewhere on the web should consider changing them. - DS
I never thought I'd miss the white wolf website as much as I do. I hope they get their problems taken care of soon. -Dmccoy1693
Site is back up. - Trithne
And Down again, likely for keeps this time. The loss of the official wiki is an especially hard blow: lord only knows how much great content we lost there. --Survival is Niffty! 01:09, 5 May 2014 (UTC)