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I, like many Wikizens, live by the RecentChanges page. With a bookmark set to check the past day's changes, I check it easily dozens of times per day. If only there were a way to push such content out to others? Some sort of "syndication service".

Oh wait, there is.

Which brings me to this question: Is it possible to make an RSS feed of RecentChanges? Would anyone else want it? Is it worth the effort? I mean, RSS itself isn't complicated, the hard part would be getting the info into a useful script in the first place, but as the RecentChanges page is script-generated anyway, it shouldn't be too deadly. We could use Atom, or RSS, or any of the other technologies out there, the big thing being just having a nice Firefox live bookmark always ready to go.

Thoughts? - GregLink

This feature has already been implemented in UseMod. Go here:


-- BillGarrett

Intriguiging. Attempting to visit the page gave me something that was almost exactly what I wanted, only it (according to Firefox) "does not appear to have any style information associated with it.", meaning it was quite ugly, and looked like raw XML. Does anyone know if this is the expected behavior, or if there's a way to clean it up? -- GregLink, thanking Mr. Garrett for his insight

Sorry - I made more assumptions about RSS knowledge than was warranted. I also use other RSS aggregators than Firefox, such as live.com, so posting a general URL seemed better to me at the time.
To make this work in Firefox, do this:
  1. Click on Bookmarks, then Manage Bookmarks
  2. Click on File, then New Live Bookmark
  3. Assign the new feed a name (like "ExaltedWiki")
  4. Paste in the URL I gave above: http://exalted.xi.co.nz/wiki/wiki.pl?action=rss&days=3&showedit=1
    • Note that you can change the "days=3" part to a different value, to see fewer or more postings
  5. Click on OK
  6. Shuffle the new live bookmark into an appropriate folder (like your toolbar? I have an "RSS Feeds" menu on my toolbar, for example)
-- BillGarrett

I recomend copying the url, then going inot the manage bookmarks window, then using add new live bookmark and putting the url in the address section, this will give you the url turns into folder of links behavior that you want. - Blackedout who did this when the url was posted.

Thanks for your help. In truth, I do have much more knowledge about RSS and syndication than my question would indicate. At the same time, having gone to the point of making a Wiki Discussion about it, I figured it best to archive the actual details for posterity. Now, no more people (such as myself) wondering if pages have updated. -- GregLink