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Issue: (Material) Withering Method

Is (Material Withering Method overly powerful? You tell me!

My Problem

For those of you who are unaware, the (Material) Withering Method is an Abyssal Craft Charm found on p. 187 of E:Ab. I never really looked very hard at this Charm until my slightly Power Gamer-ish player spotted it during chargen and went "Oooh!". That's when I got worried. He of course chose the Metal version of this charm in order to gain an Instant, Reflexive Charm that for the cost of 5 motes would allow him to destory an oppoents (non-magical) weapon or armor up to a range of Essence x10 yards. On hearing and reading this, I suddenly had some big issues with the Charm, and after thinking about it for a bit, told my player I was changing its rules. I changed the Charm in this way:

1) I made it a Simple instead of Reflexive Charm. Frankly, I just don't understand WHY it's Reflexive in the first place...

2) I required a roll of Dexterity + Athletics or Thrown (similar to Crypt Bolt) in order to "hit" with it in combat.

3) I changed the price to 1 mote + 1 mote per damage of the weapon or lethal soak of the armor. (similar to Corrosive Parry)

My player, while bowing to my authority as Storyteller, is not entirely pleased with these changes. So, I thought I'd toss it out here and see what other people think. Do these changes make sense, or do you think the Charm is just fine the way it is in the book? I'd appreciate any input anyone cares to give.


I would just note that it can only be used once per turn. My personal reaction would be to see how it plays in a couple of combats and, if it was a problem, do one of the following:

  • Make the changes you suggest and see how things go in a couple of combats
  • start throwing in combats with large groups (the charm can only be used once per turn)
  • start throwing in combats with people that use non-metal weapons (staves, fists, etc...) (as he only got the metal version)
  • start throwing in combats with people who have magical weapons (the charm doesn't work on magical weapons of any type, which apperently includes those enchanted with Ritual of Elemental Empowerment and similar. It might even include stuff enchanted with mortal thaumatergy. It depends on how far you want to stretch the term enchantment.)


I think it's powerful, but not exactly overpowered. As BrilliantRain says, it's limited to once per turn... it's reflexive because that way, when someone attacks you from behind with a metal sword, you can laugh at them as it dissolves in their hands... I like that, it's nicely abyssal, and it should stick. Really, if you've got an abyssal campaign, surely it's in genre for the players to be slaughtering mortals without too much trouble... Most other people will have at least basic magical weaponry, as BrillianRain also says. Finally... 5m isn't a small amount.
-- Darloth


Holy crap! How did I miss that it was only usable once per turn? You're right! That was the main reason I was switching it to Simple. Well hell, maybe I will just let it go as is then.

Thanks for your input. --Krendal

Status of Issue: Resolved. Going with the Charm as in the books unless I have problems in-game.