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Okay, If a Manse is in the Underworld you can't tap its essence or use its hearthstone special abilities in creation. This is a given and understood. What about Manses built in Shadowlands? How would they work and what background would you buy them with? - Malikai

Those are bought with the normal Manse background (though they are usually Abyssal manses). - haren

Are they (and their hearthstones) usable both in creation and the underworld? - Malikai

Uh, this type of discussion is probably better suited to the WWMB. The Wiki is generally a supplement to the message board medium, for information that is worthwhile to store in a non-transitory medium -- this is largely a mechanics question. The answer, whatever it ends up being, would fit nicely in a FAQ of mechanics questions, but there's no reason to record the discussion leading to it (unless it's a topic governed by heavily by editorializing, worth storing for later review. This is either 'yes' or 'no,' perhaps citing a page supporting one or the other.). The WWMBs have a far larger number of participants and occasional input from authors, to boot. This isn't a bad question, but it's needlessly contributing to Wiki bloat. _Jabberwocky

I hardly ever post over there at all because feedback / answers take forever to get. When I post here, answers tend to be more prompt. I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Sorry. - Malikai

Actually, if the question is interesting (this is), then you'll get a bunch of responses pretty fast. We're pretty nice about rules questions and you'll get one reply inside a day at least. Unless you post a really BORING topic, but then who's gunna reply anywhere? - Telgar