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I suppose I'd be silly not to mention my homepage here. It covers more than just Exalted, and since most of the content is specific to my group's campaigns, I will leave that separate from what I build here.

I'll be adding more things here as I think of them. Feel free to leave suggestions for new cheat-sheets at the bottom of this page.

Other Wiki Stuff I Use

Combo Charms: BrokenShade/SolarComboConstruction
Quotes from GCG: Thus Spake Zargrabowski
Houseruling the Solar Charms: FixTheSolarCharmTrees

Drama Systems Cheat-sheets

Combat Modifiers :Shoggoth/CombatModifiers (Last edited August 14, 2003 9:05 am)
Combat Drama :Shoggoth/CombatRolls (Last edited August 14, 2003 9:02 am)
Sailing Drama :Shoggoth/SailingRolls (Last edited August 13, 2003 9:37 pm)
Social Drama :Shoggoth/SocialRolls (Last edited August 13, 2003 9:38 pm)

New Exalted Content

Shoggoth/Artifacts:Contains interesting items I've created. I try to have a balance between low- and high-end items, but I can only post what I think of. Check my own site's artifacts page for items that I have actually used in my game.
(Last edited August 15, 2003 9:21 am)

Shoggoth/Charms:I rarely create charms or spells, but when I think of a good one I put it here. I am very sensitive to balance issues and I lean more toward underpowered rather than overpowered, but I am not omniscient, so if you notice something broken or exploitable please let me know.

Shoggoth/MassCombat:Rules I have created for running dramatic mass combats in a short period of time. They are somewhat "rules-soft" and may not be appropriate for everyone.

Shoggoth/SiderealScriptures: I only have one of these so far, but its some cool color to add to a game.

Exalted Mods

Shoggoth/ExaltedFATE: Rules for running an Exalted game using the FATE (FUDGE) rules. At the moment this is a work in progress and it will work radically different from the White Wolf system. Probably not for the feint of heart.

Notes and Feedback Here

Make any comments or messages to me here rather than on any of my other pages so that I know where to keep an eye out for them.

Left some comments on The Widow's Lament on yourShoggoth/Artifacts page. -- Mapache

On your combat modifiers page, I had three suggestions: placing page references (or otherwise noting what is from a book and what is a house rule), not being able to melee at all in chest high water is a little severe, and movement reductions for mud, water, prone, etc. would be nice. Also, it's very useful, thanks for making it.Myrlan

Well I can see I need to visit my own page more often, but I've been concentrating on NWoD more than Exalted lately. At any rate, all of the information in the Cheet-Sheets is canon and can be found in the drama section of the core book. I'll see if I can put some page references in at some point, though. And the lack of movement reduction rules is because there aren't any canon rules for that (that I'm aware of) - Shoggoth