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Imagine a lunar game...

A lunar game where everyone has a turtle totem, and takes at least 1 level of deadly beastman.

Then give them all the same Mentor, a rat-totem lunar who also happens to be a martial arts master (give them some Sifu background as well)

Then, you have a circle of turtles, who all know martial arts!

The main enemy would of course be a tiger-claw using abyssal.

(Why this idea came to me, I do not know, but it did, mid way through my own exalted session. Just thought I'd post it here and see what people think -- Darloth)

I am so ashamed to have provided the initial inspiration for this...DeathBySurfeit

Oh, I already wrote one of those up awhile ago. The fact that a teenaged mutant ninja turtle with a bipedal rat mentor named Master Splinter is a perfectly valid (and not even genre bending) concept is pretty messed up. If you really want to groan, you should see Winking Bull, my dull-witted but charismatic moose totem No-Moon who specializes in conjuration spells and has an air-elemental companion named Rakki. -szilard

All of you guys rock! Not many people will let their inner geek show. To be fair I had a Thundercats idea that is/was quite similar. - Issaru Thinks we should leave the 80's cartoons alone, and go to rehab!! LOL.

I'm just annoyed how he ends up liking ideas of playing Exalted with the Turtles, but wouldn't let me have a transformer warstrider :) FluffySquirrel

ROTFLMAO Warstriders, ROLL OUT!!!!! - Dreaming Nymph

Could be worse. I've used Disney for inspiration more times than I care to admit. Little girl finds Wyld critter and keeps it as a pet, only to wreak havoc on Nexus. Lion beastman reclaims leadership of tribe from corrupt pretender. Mortal dynast leads Red Piss Legion detachment against the Arczekh Horde. Lunar pack must prevent a war between the Linowan and greedy realm colonists. The list goes on and on. Odin
Wow. Impressive. I don't even -recognize- most of those... -- Darloth

I didn't say I'd want to -play- a turtles game Fluffy. And I'll let you away with a warstrider with giant wings, if you like. I just can't see them turning into... what... a giant first age... hover-cart?
-- Darloth

Ah, hell, why not? Here's a break down for those without bored preschoolers:
Little girl's monstrous pet- Lilo and Stitch
Lion beastmen- The Lion King
Mortal Red Piss officer- Mulan
Linowan/ Realm war- Pocahontas
I'm contemplating a Fair Folk game based on imagery from the Fantasia films, too. Odin
Snow white and the Seven Mountain Folk! :) .. and.. while I am indeed tempted by a warstrider with wings.. .. .. naaah :) .. and indeed, it could turn into a hover cart.. .. a jet.. or even a sandship! :)
Actually, I think the book Mirror Mirror reinterprets the seven dwarves brilliantly as Mountain Folk/Raksha types. Seriously, give it a read. --UncleChu