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I'm feeling existential, so ya'll get to suffer. ;)

What is the purpose of the Exalted Wiki?

As I see it, the purpose breaks into three main categories: New Fluff, New Toys and New Mechanics. There's also attached discussion to all of these.

New Fluff is stuff like the Taxonomy of Madness, setting description, sample characters and, to a lesser degree, write ups of sessions. It's flavor, and ranges from the 'Not useful but interesting' to the 'Possibly incorporatible into any game'.

New Toys is stuff like new Charms, Artifacts, and Hearthstones. Anything which has a mechanical effect on the game, but functions within the existing framework of mechanics. (And, as a personal aside, there's very nearly enough Martial Arts Styles for every Solar to have their own. Let's move on ;)

New Mechanics is entirely new drama systems to be added to the game, or means of re-envisioning the core resolution mechanic. My mass combat system, or large chunks of ExMod are New Mechanics.

But really, how useful is any of this? Is this random approach netting game usable results? What have people been getting the most millage out of? Or are these categories utter bunk and to be ignored at all oppurtunity? :)

- DariusSolluman

New Toys and New Mechanics are solid categories; I use the Toys but ignore the Mechanics. New Fluff is key for me. I also think Session Writeups count as their own category; I find reading about other people's games to be very helpful in working on my own. And there's also Rules Discussions and Designer Quotes, which are distinct categories and very handy to have access to. - Quendalon


What I really think ExaltedWiki nets you is that it does anything you want. We do some discussions. People archive what they want. It is a central place where anything and everything Exalted can reside. Unlike the cruelly oppressed WW Exalted Boards, you can say what you like and fight as you like, and it's up to everyone to kinda contain that.

We don't see many fights here though, probably because there is a lot of space to "spread out" into. If you don't like someone's take, say, "I have a better one right here."

What I am considering doing is making a tour of ExaltedWiki (which is a wiki page itself) where I kinda lead people around to various places to show them what to look for and what ExaltedWiki is growing to offer.

We certainly could do more. I note that Ikselam keeps a weblog here (we'll see if that changes). We could actually very easily do Exalted: Kombat stuff. If peole are interested, email me and I'll make a dice roller script with a few days of history and attach it to this directory. That way you could run fights and keep the details in a sub-page. It'd be a self-assembling fight. It might actually flow more naturally.

I suppose it'd be possible to run full games out of here too, although that'd be very odd feel to do, the wiki might support it admirably well.

-- DaveFayram

I'd like to add the category "Story Teller's Toys", which refers to tips and tricks of the trade from experienced players and tellers to less such. Furthermore, my attempt to create handbooks for small, but vital parts of the gaming situation. My first thing is the CombatStrategies page, which is supposed to help tellers to handle multiple Exalted combats, which should be very useful.

-- Clebo

I'm new here, and I'm not going to pretend that I know exactly what this Wiki is about (other than talking about Exalted stuff, of course), but I've got to say that it rocks. This place is the greatest. I mean, I've never been involved with an online community nice enough to, for example, let some newbie get away with showing up, posting in the wrong format, and then just nicely sweeping in and fixing it. No hassel, no problem. Most other places, I'd have to deal with all sorts of BS. Whatever the ExaltedWiki is for, it rocks. - Seraph

The idea of running games out of the wiki really intrigues me. Are other people interested? - SMK

Didn't Lorien have an idea like that? Maybe you weren't there. You should ask him.\\

~ Shataina