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What Do You Roll For Good Sex?

It occurred to me while I was planning for my next session (that was a few days ago) that I do not actually know what the dice pool for bedroom prowess would be (Please don't ask why I needed to know). My thought was that it would be (Appearance+Presence), but then again it could be (Appearance+Resistance) or (Appearance+Athletics). Heck, since it's not all about looks, it could be (Charisma+Presence), (Charisma+Resistance), or (Charisma+Athletics). Since Medicine covers torture, could it be used for this? Should it be used only when rolling for really weird kinky stuff, or all the time? I also had a thought that since good sex is a combination of many different factors, it would require many different rolls. Let's say, just to start with, you roll (Stamina+Resistance+Willpower), opposed by your partner's roll of (Appearance+Presence) to determine how long you hold out. Then, you would probably roll (Wits+Lore or Medicine) to determine what, if any, kinky sexual techniques you are going to use. The next roll would be (Appearance+Presence, Athletics, or Medicine) to determine the actual quality of your performance. The total number of successes rolled would count as successes rolled on an attack against your partner's Dodge MDV. If the attack is successful, then every success past threshold counts as a scene of your partner building an Intimacy towards getting in the sack with you. What are the public's thoughts? - Han'ya

I think the mechanic very much changes based on the intent of the act. Things like Appearance+Presence for the simple heightened energy and lust at the beginning - this likely creates an initial advantage, but isn't everything. Next, there's the whole actual act thing, often based on concern for the partner and ability to use it - something like Dex+Socialize, and you split the results between yourself and your partner. Finally, you can keep rolling that every so often (3 minutes? 5?) but as you keep going, you need to roll something like Stamina+Endurance, as the difficulty continually increases by 1. The biggest thing I think I realized as I wrote this is just how important this act is to Exalted's socialite setting - think of the Cynis, and almost everyone social - it's likely taught in schools and such. I'm thinking while we consider it slightly taboo in our society, that it's obviously socialize in theirs. Sure, the attraction is presence (For lust) or something else (for just plain convincing or forcing), but the skill itself seems socialize. -- GreenLantern

Stamina+Performance. - Wordman

Ku ku ku... - Han'ya

I agree it depends what you are trying to do. Assuming you are trying to accomplish anything besides being good at bedroom fun its just a normal Social Attack. Performance for orgies, presence for one-on-one affairs. Charisma if you have actual interest in the person and manipulation if you are trying to use sex as a tool to get something else. Appearance modifies their MDV as normal. Otherwise you are likely looking at Performance or presence roll along with charisma or manipulation. While its good to know what you are doing Dexterity probably isn't as important as your skill in the area as well as your emotional attributes. - BogMod

I agree, but have also allowed stunts for other attributes and abilities in social attacks if I believe the prowess in the area in question is applicable to convincing someone of something. Wits + Medicine and Stamina + Resistance have played their roles in sexual encounters. Sometimes they'd establish a bonus to a social attack, sometimes the alternate roll IS the social attack if the prowess itself is what the attacker wants to establish. - IanPrice