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There isn't too much to say. I love Exalted, half the time I can't watch anything or read anything without some kind of inspiration. For characters, for charms, for artifacts. Sadly, my attempts have failed for the most... well not the characters so much, but the Charms (I was a Mad Genius behind a failed Iaijutsu Tree) and the Artifacts (well, okay, I haven't actually posted any I made for games yet) are bad.

Maybe I wasn't meant to make them, but it's better to have ideas rather than suffer without, right?

Lesse, personally I live in North Dakota (I won't be shocked if you don't know where it is, or if you do that you think it's all farmland... cause it is.) 21 years of age, have had Exalted since my girlfriend got me to buy the book. Uh...

That's about it.

I lurk about on the WW Forums, the rpol.net Exalted Kombat forum and on im-chat.com. I'm easy to find, just look for MidKnight, I've done good at keeping the same alias most everywhere.

Contact: email, AiM: MidKnightX, MSN: familyatomics@hotmail.com

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Drawing Board

The things I will eventually get around to creating for critique.

Blossoming Golden Lotus, Orichalcum/Moonsilver Gauntlet of bow-y transforming
Soulsteel Skeletal Replacement/insta-armor or weapons
Whatever Intellectual Property I can find and port to Exalted.
MidKnight/HiddenLeafStyle, still shelved. Possible move towards a new route.


Where all my assembled creations will go, eventually, when I find/make them.




MyMidKnight/Characters, those I've made for games or for fun.


  • Personal
    • freaklegion.com. Nothing too special there, my personal site, it needs updation.
    • gamefaqs.com. The end all, be all of cheats and walkthroughs. At least for me, haven't found a better place yet.
    • im-chat.com. Where I can normally be found lurking. I'm a staff in the Brentford room so, priorities. Kinda.
    • homestarrunner.com. The emails really are the best.
    • Exalted: Kombat. One of the main sites that got me back into Exalted. I still think Grymm and I hold the title for the longest fight on there at 14 rounds. Well, if you don't count the one that got 50 added to it.
  • Music
    • linkinpark.com. I can normally be found listening to these guys, again it was another thing I was talked into. When I first saw the video for One Step Closer I thought they were too young...
    • korn.com. Still my favorite band, despite so many who don't like them. Everyone will like what they like, though.
    • n-e-r-d.com. Just an all around cool album thanks to those groovy guys from the Neptunes.

Talkback Section

New idea I had, instead of trying to craft a Martial Art around various Naruto jutsus or trying to emulate chakra control through such it occured to me at work that they are, in essence, battlefield sorceries one can use. Some things I think are best left as already created bits, minimizing new Charm creation itself, but taking various, already made charms and using them as a 'course study' of sorts as a buildup to these abilities. I think it'll work, I have to work on it first, some, but I do think it'll work. -MidKnight

Hey MidKnight, what's up? Haven't seen you here in ages! - Quendalon

Not much Quen, long hours at work and playing FFXI takes up most of my time. If you ignore things like sleeping and hanging out with friends. Beyond that, really, not much. -Mid


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