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Why is Wiki so Addicting

It's the power, the ABSOLUTE POWER!\\ _Ikselam

Amen to that Reverend Ikselam\\ -Killed

Do you really think that's it though? If that were the case, we'd be destroying each other's pages all the time. I mean, I know we could DestroyEverything, but there would be no point. Obviously it is kinda heady being able to edit a site arbitrarily... \\ I think we can get a better idea when more people are here. Tell all your forum friends and exaltedcompendium chums to come here and give it a whirl. I honestly envision this place being one of the best exalted online communities. \\ -- DaveFayram

I honestly envision this place being one of the best exalted online communities.

Now who's power tripping? ~_^

I figure we're all roleplayers, and most are probably STs to boot. So we get more of a charge from creating stuff than destroying it.


Actually, I don't think I'm power tripping that badly, Ikselam. I think that a Wiki is an extremely powerful tool for communities working things out. The Exalted community is practically an ideal setting for such a tool. Unlike message boards, where information decays and the signal to noise ratio is high, Wikis self-adjust (by virtue of users refactoring pages, relocating links, etc) to keep all the good content "on top" of the stack. At the same time, it preserves the "real-time" nature of bulletin boards. I think other exalted sites have their place, and certainly they are necessary. However, I see this kind of site (or someone else who can do ABetterWiki) as being authorative, and incredibly useful. It's quite possible we could end up completely fixing the SolarCharmTrees. Everyone can revise, tweak, and explain. I really don't think this is even unreasonable, given the nature of the site. We just need enough brains in the wiki to do it. Allready you've seen how just a few people make the amount of content skyrocket. Maybe I'm biased though, I see wiki variants as the future of websites. \\ -- DaveFayram

Creation is always so much more fulfilling than destruction. In the end.

Unless you are a Deathlord, but they've got issues. -- MidKnight

I think the best part is the huge amount of data, too much to be maintained by a single person, that can be properly organised when we all work together. So the information is actually accessible! ^_^

Everyone has their own ideas on how to do things best, partly because they haven't seen how everyone else would do them. And on a site like this, if you think you can do something better, you can ... and if everyone agrees, it will stay that way!

The other great thing is that when you see something cool, you can look at how that person has set it up and adapt it for yourself in future. -- BrokenShade

I personally have noticed that there's always new content. With a website, it falls onto a single person's head to provide ALL content. With a Wiki, you don't have to do that. So, the first day, Ikselam and I went crazy. Cool. People came to look. But we haven't done so much since then. That's ok, though. Other people are putting up more.

And Iky and I have a reason to pop by: other people are putting up content. That might inspire us to put up more stuff, thus entertaining everyone else.

And it just grows and grows as everyone feeds each other the flames of creativity.

*checks watch*

Damn. Really should get back to working on my damn Abyssals game. Sigh.


(-quietly fans the flames- -whistles- MidKnight )

Yeah, Mailanka. I think that really is one of the plusses. As an admin, it's nice to be able to say, "My site is growing but I'm not working on it at the moment." What's also great is once we get to a critical mass of data, people can link to us and just by that virtue alone, we get more users. I dunno if anyone has tried, but the Random Page Function can actually lead you to places you've never been now. I think that's really cool.

Imagine if we had 2x the users. People could work half as much, and we'd still get a higher growth rate. Imagine if we could hit 50 users. Holy cow that would rock.

Really, it's my resolution to work on this wiki for about an hour a day. Right now, a lot of that has been internals (nothing will change, just cleaning and optimizing). If everyone just writes and reads for an hour...

Ah, I am really happy I did this :)

-- DaveFayram

Yeah, the real strength of wiki is that it favors writers over readers. It concentrates on making everything as easy as possible for writers to contribute. One of the CS professors at my school gave a presentation on wiki, oh, about two years ago. Since then, the school's CS/Math department has moved to wiki for their webpresence, as has the research institute I work for, and I host my own wiki for a club I used to be in. Everything's so open, so easy to contribute, to edit, and to help out, that it's impossible not to do so. What's scary is when interwiki comes into the picture and the borders between wikis start to get blurry, leaving one open, writer-driven internet. And I'm also really glad you did this, Dave; it rocks. More games should have their own wikis. :) - SoulToast

Just my two cents. I think that it is part power, but more of a sense of community that draws us in and keeps us. A sense almost of family. Of brother/sisterhood. All are equal, all are given equal say. And the level of customization is limitless, lending it a sense of freedom forums sadly lack. I think that between this and the WW Exalted forums, I've enough internet crack to last a lifetime. Good job Dave.


I see this place slowly becoming where everyone who wants to get new material made for exalted goes for peer review and fandom. As things get ironed out, they then post the URL references to other resources for presentation, digest and another archival point. \\ -- DaveFayram

I totally agree with Mailanka... well, with everything everyone said. This site definately is addicting, and definately rocks, and I'm definately a Storyteller, and I'm definately trying to get my players to join this site, and, uh, I'm definately, uh... in love with this site! Thanks, Dave! ;) Gorol\\

Well, its been a full year since the last update to this place. I myself found this wiki about a month ago, and haven't been able to keep away. There's so much content, so much inspiration. Almost any detail mentioned in the books has been touched upon in some way on this Wiki, and if you've the patience for it, the Search function will dig it up. My favorite aspect of the Wiki is the organization of canon stuff. There's full lists for all published artifacts, all the Hearthstones are organized and cited by level and aspect, there's a martial arts matrix, a taxonomy of the gods... these kinds of things are the most accessible and useful in my opinion. Everything else is super-bonus funtimestuff! --UncleChu