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I need a name for this artifact, or rather a pair that I'm making.

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"The chiaroscuro butterfly"? I have the image of both blades flying through the air at once, spiralling together, mixing light and dark to create a shimmering monochrome shadowplay as they home in on their target... But that's just me. Maybe something like "The Pearl and Raven", or "The Twin Shadow Peacocks"? -Quilone

For a more classical but in my opinion rather bland name, have you considered "the Twin Daggers of Light and Darkness"? Also, knives, blades, edges, anything like that would also fit. It sounds... complete, but I agree, much better could probably be found.
-- Darloth

Black Jade (Water) and White Jade (Earth). Blades of Mud and Shadow. Dunno, water and earth are an odd combination. - Scrollreader

Wave and Mountain Blades. Waterfall and Avalanche Blades - would be especially appropriate if they multiply in the air when you throw 'em. -- Xarak