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Right then, I BogMod, Ikselam, Telgar and Jydan all just finished playing the first round of Exalted Beach Volleyball as per the rules found at ExaltedBeachVolleyball. A second game has now been played and further rule refinements have occured. Online length of games should take between and hour and a mere half and hour to play.

It was a lot of fun with the stunts, the cheesy DOA beach volleyball homage and just the overall fanservice fun of it all. At their insistent urging I am putting up this discussion to look for possible players to make up a league that can get played out on mIRC with teams and ranks and prizes and the whole bit.

Signing up is not binding at this time, just trying to get a feel for who is interested.

To sign up for the league, visit ExaltedBeachVolleyball/League (which is where characters should go, too) and/or leave your name below.

Interested Players List

Kenshiro - guy not found on wiki but I know on mIRC

Actual Discussion

Since games only need 4 players at a time I suspect the times will change around. Course, depending on how popular it is we might end up with a set game series of them. -BogMod

Put up a theoretical format for the player/players for people in the above link. Comment here please.

I am thinking for those interested poasting a playing time on here ahead of time would be a good way to notify everyone of an upcoming game. Thoughts? -BogMod

I'm going to move the character bios to subpages of ExaltedBeachVolleyball. It does not make a great deal of sense to me for them to be children of Discussions. This page can be for discussion of league rules, or whatever.\\ _Ikselam

Brilliant idea, I am sorry but my linking skills and such are still not up to par around here. Thanks. -BogMod

You know, we should totally have Fakharu as a special guest referee one of these days.
I also had a thought about rankings. It might be easier if we calculated league rank in terms of dice-pool size, as opposed to averaging all the relevant stats. I'm not sure exactly how that would work, though.

I need to organise another game. People still interested? -BogMod

I am still REALLY interested. I've missed EBV. --dissolvegirl

It's summer, and I'm out of school. Time for EBV! -hplovescats

Also still interested. - Telgar

I wouldn't abandon my baby like that. _Ikselam

The Mind.. Boggles, then falls over laughing. This looks like it was fun. Wil lit play again? And where? Not used mIRC in ages.. - Molikai