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Dreams of the First Age have the Biomotonic Replicants-- a clone machine for Exalted. It's rather more detailed then the first look at Genesis but still opens some questions.

The system allows you at one dot, to create clones that are essentially "blank slates" with 10 dots of abilties and the same physical attributes. Two dots gets you a clone of the "natural" abilities. The problem comes in that the three to five dot level isn't defined, nor is the NDiscussions/BiomotonicReplicants/A level, beyond stating that celestial exaltations are beyond the power of this system, although the exalted were working on a system to "fool" a shard so that when the original died, the shard would progress to the new clone body.

That being said, here's some questions I'd like to throw out: First of all, what if you're cloning someone who is super human? Salina for example, has many stats beyond what any mortal could have, even if they aren't charms. I'd assume that such clones would have some of the knowledge, but thier frames wouldn't be able to contain what a chosen had learned over centuries--you'd get a Salina with some of her knowledge, maybe general bits here and their, but her stats would only be what a heroic mortal could get, at most.

Secondly-- terrestrial exaltation passes through the blood-- so if you cloned a terrestrial, would his clone have a chance of exalting?

Finally, what should the three dot + replicants be able to do? My assumption right now is that a three dot replicant should be able to have biological upgrades added into it, as well as perhaps artifact enhancements, but I'm not certain about the four and five dot. The only thing I am certain of, is that they need to be fairly impressive, especially when you consider that they're competing with Imbue Amalgam in terms of utility to the chosen.

== Comments ==

This is a very interesting topic, one worth thinking about. First of all, when they say Exaltations cannot be carried engineered I read it as they mean Celestial, because of the Essence shard thing. So I would allow a three dot creation to have the potential for Terrestrial exaltation and make it so that a fourth dot version is automatic. As for what higher levels do, I would presume they would allow for more control in what occurs in the created creature allowing for the implantation of the so-called wyld mutations as internal biological modifications. I would also allow for the creation of God-Blooded as well as Half-Castes. But I do agree that at the current level of knoweldge it would be impossible for the Exalted to create the unique Essences that makeup the SolarDiscussions/Abyssal, Lunar and Sidereal Exalted. -Heru

Well, I think most wyld mutations would be three dot-- if 2 dot gets you a complete human, then 3 dot should give you human plus up to "standard" beastmen. Four dot might add in the ability to use some charms, or the sort of ability most humans and beastmen can't have. Perhaps the ability to access your entire essence pool, for example. -CharlesGray