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Stacking Bonuses

To what extent, (if any) do you allow bonuses to stack?

  • Is a Full Moon in Fire Dragon Armor with Panther Stride Stance okay?
  • How about an Abyssal with Ebon Shadow Form, Unseen Wisp Method and Crimson Armor of the Unseen Asassin?
  • An Elipse with both Excellent Strike and Stoking Bonfire? Can he max both?

I guess what I'm asking here is to what extent you allow similar bonuses (bonusai?) to stack with other, and what sort of limitations you put on things. As the game world gets bigger, more of these overlaps/additions will occur.

P.S. If I've missed any other grevious stackings, please let me know. These just jumped out as the most egregious ones, to my mind.

The Eclipse situation is covered by the Errata I think, and the maximum limit when cross-combing charms is Perm Ess * 2, so it is very rarely worth it for expanding caps.

IIRC, Fire Dragon Armour only multiplies ground movement speeds, as does bellows pumping stride, wearas air aspects multiply jumping stuff. In any case, you add multiplers not multiply them. Eg, if you have a charm that makes you run 2 times as fast and another effect that makes you 3 times as fast, you end up being 4 times as fast, not 6 times.

I dont remember enough about the 3rd situation to comment.

- Kraken 
Replaced the Db with a Lunar. But the question remains the same. I'm aware of how multiplier are additive. But it's still an awful lot of fast. The comment on cross type charms capping out at essx2 was something i had forgotten, though.

Then they can run insanely scarily fast, and anyone wishing to shoot at them with arrows had better be at the top of a cliff, or balancing on a cloud, or better be very certain about the first shot or something. The only time I'd start to get concerned is if they can move over 133 yards in a turn, as then they'd be moving at about 100 mph, and then sorcerers might start to get upset. but even in that case, the sorcerer has probably paid less motes and xp, and doesnt need to spend additonal xp on endurance charms to allow him to sprint flat out for a long time. Besides, without even resorting to high level artifacts and the like, a solar can jump 300 yards in a turn using Soaring Crane Leap (maxed out), and even a non-insane jumper could easily cover 200 yards in a single bound. Or alternatively, using a multiattack combo and leaping tiger attack, could cover a similarly stupid distance in a turn sprinting from foe to foe. On your third situation, I'm going to make a guess that all abilities add to your difficulty to be hit, resulting in people having to beat a 8+ difficulty to each hit before any other defences are taken into account...agian I just have to say that if people want to invest multiple charms and artifacts into being hard to hit, let them. Hit them with perfect attacks like AWD, or use the power of most exalt-types social charms to bring to ruin everything and everyone that they care about. Just as an aside, I dont believe Crimson Armour is compatiable with Ebon Shadow Form, an armour incompatiable form charm, though a similar armour compatiable effect could be generated I'm sure, hence my not really mentioning it.

- Kraken
Good Points. And I'm hesitant to take away cool stuf player have/want. My only real problem is the starting characters with difficulty 10 just to hit them. But, essentially, a scene-length dodge subtracts 5 sucesses (on average). As does a scene lenth parry. And, really, since defense in Exalted should be stronger than offense, well, I suppose I'll just get used to it.  :P