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Domain of the Elemental Pole of Air, the harsh climate either kills or strengthens those determined to succeed.
Fire rules the sands, the hardy peoples make their living in gems or trade, but seldom wander from the paths their ancestors used, for the dunes can kill even the most prepared.
Fields grow into trees, trees grow to the sky until the Sun can no longer be seen. The Elemental Pole of Wood rules the land, hiding secrets waiting to be discovered.
Depths, only scarcely broken by islands cresting above the water. Those that have made a life here have adapted to the endless water surrounding them, learning a trade to secure a place upon Trading Ships or pirate vessels.
Paragon of Creation, home of the Elemental Pole of Earth, the source of reality. Terrestrial rule keeps all in order, quells the spirits and teaches the common man.


Champions of the Unconquered Sun, carrying his light forth upon sword edge or quill tip, to all corners of Creation.
Children of the Silver Lady, the Changing Warriors dwell upon the outskirts of Creation, living as beasts but coming forth as the beacon of Solar light grows brighter.
Generals of the Elemental Dragons and leaders of the Realm, for years they have controlled the world as it is known, but with the disappearance of the Empress chaos slowly overtakes the Houses as they vie for the throne.
From gained forbidden knowledge the Deathlords raise their Champions of the Malfeans, to darken the sky of Creation with ash and lead it steadily into the Void.
Diviners of the Cosmos, each Maiden chooses their favored to Exalt, those keen of mind and wise enough to accept their fated station in Creation.
Gods large and small, from the spirit of your favourite knife to the god of thieves.
The personifications of Creation, Essence and matter blending to create life - of sorts.
Born of a union between mortal and god these strange beings are neither man nor spirit, a race of being apart.
The twisted progeny of the Exiled yozi, enthralled servants to the sorcerers of creation.
Beings of pure chaos, rulers of the deep wyld who take on shape to walk the plains of creation and sustain themselves on the stolen dreams of humanity.
Men and Women working, living their lives in the cites and villages that dot the face of Creation.


This is free for anyone to change as they will, I don't mind, new locales, listings of what characters you are playing (I'll reserve any sheets for mine to post under my node, just to keep it cleaner, since we can always link to them) anything you think of really. The more input the better I think. I'll be adding info on Nexus soon, goin' with the easier stuff first. --MidKnight

Everyone probably already knows this, but when dealing with predefined things like Nexus, we should focus on stuff we've made up, and go light on repeating stuff written in the books.\\ _Ikselam

Truedat, I was just going to do a small writeup, but any other comments would be helpful. I'll hold off on putting anything down just yet. Give everyone a chance to throw out their thoughts. -- MidKnight

8.11.2K3- Question, what would people like this to be? Somewhere where we could all play about, showcase our writing skills similar to a Forum game, where bits of info we've used in our own games can be had and shared for use in other games or a combination of both. I figured first it could be akin to a Forum game, everyone can contribute a character and go from there in a setting, but I'd like input on what everyone else would like. -MidKnight

Update- Playing with the layout, I figure the best thing would have this be a place for locales and characters each has made for their own personal games, places to use or NPC's that could be had. I think.. not sure.

So this is just a place to roll out interesting settings and characters we think others might find interesting? If we were going to play this as a forum game where would we fit it in. This is all very new and confusing. -Ageis

I'm puzzled as to the purpose of this page -- I've been going through WikiContent and trying to add headers explaining what each page is for on the relevant page, but I'm confused here. Most everyone I know puts their in-character stories, scenes, etc on their actual character pages. Furthermore, this doesn't even seem to actually have to do with in-character bits -- it's more an extension of Locations and Characters. Why not break up this page, putting the bits on those other two pages? At the very least, I don't think it deserves a top-level page on WikiContent, especially under Interaction since it doesn't seem to be interactive, so I'm relocating it to Characters.
~ Shataina