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Check my homepage for a link to my houserules, and then, please put any constructive criticism, suggestions on what to include, or anything like that in the comments on the bottom of them, or in this thread please! =) Sabis is my home.


Fine don't comment... i feel so unloved... =(

  • cries*


No offense sab, but i think we are all waiting for the format changes, we still <3 ya


heh, i understand. on the other hand, i'm having problems w/ unruly text, and need some tech support. until i find out how to deal with that (the faq didn't help, it just said let the wiki handle it, and you see how that turned out), i can't format it properly.

Try checking other people's pages to see how they did it. WikiCode isn't that complex, you should be able to get the swing of it fairly quickly. --DaveFayram

Hey, if anyone wants to take a look at them now, BrokenShade did an absolutely wonderful job of editing them, and i really could use some other points of view as well, so i can refine these to some rules that are really balanced, and useful, and hopefully someone else can benefit from them as well! =)


Maybe you should try asking for particular suggestions or particular rules. You have to admit you have a lot of stuff in there. I'd put my comments here, but I know Ive told you my thoughts before... not that you paid any attention to them.. but I digress. - Griffon