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I notice that a lot of character sheets and campaign logs are posted here, at the Wiki.

I do not do this, as you may have nticed. My reason for this is threefold:

  • I post stuff at the Wiki specifically because it is an interactive medium, and I value the ability to recieve and respond to feedback.
  • I am not currently either running or playing a game.
  • Campaign logs and character sheets are non-interactive and people don't tend to respond to them anyway.

I was wondering, why do other people post such things? - FourWillowsWeeping

Probably just on the off chance that someone outside one's particular circle of friends will see it and like it, or as a highly-specialized way of "talking to oneself" in order to organize one's own thoughts. Possibly also for convenience' sake; navigating around wiki pages might appeal to certain people more than flipping through notebooks, or rooting through directories full of text files.\\ _Ikselam

You have hit the nail on the head, Ikselam. The convenience of creation, editing, and recalling information on the wiki is IMMENSE. Ditto the creativity that seems to flow from it like rubber from a rubber tree. A quick perusal of the wiki's content yeilds buckets of inspiration; both for crunchy-rulesy bits as well as setting. I see Whirling Brush Method or the Lexicon and I get goosebumps; I can explore the setting in my own terms in a place where I can get feedback and criticism.Dim

WBM is the best thing I have seen the Wiki used for, ever. As for using the Wiki as a notepad, I see the use of that, somewhat. I think I'd have a lot more fun with other peoples' character pages if they were formatted more like signature character entries in the Castebooks, with description ans setting dovetailing tools first, instead of having to scroll down to them. "Thinking out loud" isn't how I function, so I don't really get it when other people do it. Thanks for the thoughts, folks. - willows