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Yes, I know that the Yozi Princes winning is BAD in general for all of Creation. This discussion centers on What If your character serves the Yozi Princes in some capacity (not necessary to be Akuma, Infernal or such). How would you go about getting them the win.

This is assuming an exalt of some type, but it isn't necessary.

So, yes... corrupting the realm might be one way... what are the others your evil mind can get up to?

To clarify the point, how would you have servents of the Yozi plot or act to do so... you could easily be heroic exalts working to foil such actions... but yeah... any ideas on what you'd do in their shoes? ~ Haku

Easiest way I can think of is just to sink creation into the wyld, kill the incarna and start over from there (not that i think that killing the incarna would be a walk in the park) - Paladinltd

The evil plot I had was that the Ebon Dragon/Erembour (if there is a difference) was going to get some solars to summon and kill Ligier. The death of Ligier would cause a fundemental change in Malfeas, thus turning him into something other than a prison, thus letting all the Yozis out. Admittedly they should probably kill Cecelyne first, but I think it's an interesting idea. Or you could always have the Ebon dragon start committing Fetich suicide to try to change himself in fundemental enough ways that his oath on his name becomes inapplicable because his name is so different.

First off, you might want to check out MalfeasBreakoutTheories. Second... I have an idea. Okay, so the Third Circle demons are the souls ot the Yozis, right? Let's take Adorjan. Jacint, the Prince Upon the Tower, is the 18th soul of the Silent Wind. Gumela, the Jeweled Auditor, and Zsofika, the Kite Flute, are the Wisdom and Messenger souls of Jacint, respectively. So... let's say you summon Gumela, Zsofika, and Jacint's five other souls. You've got Jacint's soul, right? So, effectively, you have Jacint. Then, you go on to summon all seven souls of Adorjan's nineteen other souls. Now you have all twenty of Adorjan's souls. So, effectively, you have Adorjan.

I imagine you'd have to perform some sort of ritual, once you'd got all her souls. But that's up to your imagination! -- OhJames

Heh... the break out theory works. Mmmmh... my theory is fairly simple and involves the corruption of the lunars into chimera (part of a LONG term goal in conjunction with the Raksha, they kind of had to promise those fair folk that they could keep the Lunars as cute fuzzy pets after victory), control of Creation via the Realm (with full out infernal backing) and massive fracticide by 50 fully armed and trained Infernal exalts on those solars and abyssals roaming about Creation.

With creation secured, It's time to do a clean-up of Yu-shan of those spirits. Victory by Proxy and such. This would necessitate the killing of the Celestial Incarna and the controlled regeneration of those spirits in Malfeas where the Yozi will make absolutely certain they get released.
~ Haku who so wants to see the 13 DL, Abyssals and Malfeans working with the exalts of Creation against the Yozi and the Realm. ^_-

Why corrupting the Realm? Think on a larger scale. I imagined, that the Yozis could possibly try to corrupt the Five Immaculate Dragons. How are they going to do it? No idea...yet. I thought of this as an interessting plot for a group of Immaculate monks, who have to turn against their own gods in the end. And the Ebon Dragon takes the role as the manipulator of his elemental servants. Jiba

I don't know... I've always seen the realm as a nice chunk of land with lots and lots of exalted footsoldiers to play with... ^_-

As for 5 Immaculate Dragons, that's tricky, it's acknowledged (in the Autobot book and I think in G.O.D.) that those 5 elemental dragons are Gaia's sub-souls, which means that to get them requires having Gaia side with the Yozi Princes. However, they're believed to have incarnated into mortal bodies to help save creation and such as the Immaculate Dragons. Unless you're thinking of the Ebon Dragon developing/breeding 5 Super Akuma Dragonblooded who call him dad and looks exactly like the Immaculate Dragons as per the IO text and all associated powers and such. o.0;;
~ Haku

I might've missed the memo, but are the Five Immaculate Dragons . . . you know . . . real? They're not the same as the Elemental Dragons, after all. It's hard to turn against your own gods when they are a fabrication of a faction of Sidereals who are themselves full of hubris and scrambling to grasp any scrap of power in Creation they can in a religious system designed to foster a subservient peasant class and lend spritiual legitimacy to an incredibly small ruling elite of genetic superpeople. ~ Andrew02

They're real, in the manner that Jeasus and God are real. The 5 Elemental Dragons are the ones who gave the dragonblooded their exaltation, now they've been associated with certain names and appearances, giving them attributes and such.
~ Haku

I suspect this idea has come around in one of the discussions of Sorcery, but I suspect that the Yozis set up a little plan when they taught Sorcery to the Exalted, in particular Adamant Circle Summoning. We know that to kill a Yozi's fetich soul is to alter the Yozi itself in some fundamental manner. What if that change involves a change, however subtle, to the Name of the Yozi? We know that the Yozis swore the oaths that bind them on their own names, and thus it is reasonable to assume that a great enough change to their nature, or enough small changes, would release them from their oaths. The plan originally, therefore, was to wait for the Solar's Curse-driven hubris to summon the Fetich souls of the Yozis often enough that they get killed, possibly frequently. This would then change the nature of the Yozi and allow them to escape. Kind of an unappetizing way to get out, and a slow one, but not entirely out of the question. Of course, as a servant of the Yozis I'd be fairly reticent to slay my master's core soul, but nobody said the life of a Yozi-worshipper would be pleasant. ~ Oberndorf

Mmmmh... That's interesting, however... do that too much and yeah... they'll escape by become one of the Neverborn due to permenent death. -_-;

But it IS an interesting idea on how to go about it... even if it means weakening yourself in a drastic manner, with a high chance of going Neverborn. As for slaying a Yozi's fetich, unless you're an experienced Solar(s), that'd be tricky. ^_-
~ Haku

Depends on what you call "teh" win.

Most of my plans with the Yozi entail making life as miserable as they can for everyone that is foolish enough to contact them and their minions. It's reflexive. If you contact the Yozi, you will eventually wind up betraying everyone that ever loved you, and delivering them to your masters so that they can savor not only their suffering, but savor your own corruption as well. A piece of the Creation that the Gods threw them down for is tarnished a little further--this is what they fought for, Mortals and Exalted who would do this evil. Kind of like peeing on the last popsicle that someone snaked out of the cooler before you leave a party. Enjoy that taste...

Long term, the Yozi are looking to get back to the Creation, when they will take particular pleasure in despoiling the Creation not to punish it as much, as to make the Gods watch. To taste the anguish and the pain, to see Mortals eventually look to the Yozi, with fevered light in their eyes, and swear their undying loyalty to their old masters once again. When the last of the Creation cries out to the Yozi as their Kings, their Creators, despoiled, ravished, and loving it, then they can get down to the serious business of making the Gods suffer.

How are they going to do that? By subverting the Gods' most trusted servants of course. Turning the Exalted, and the Spirits against them is a start. Corrupting Elementals and other Spirits to their cause, subverting them to answer the call of the Yozi. That may mean poisoning waters, fouling the earth, the sky, dumping enough toxins and corruption into the earth so that even the lava runs with the greenish light of Balefire. Mortal servants are nice for that. They can work on the little details. They can be brought to heel easy enough, and act as hands to carry out the little tasks.

Sorcerers are better. They can enact corruption on a grander scale. When a Demon does their job, they plant seeds with their words, ask small favors that don't seem like much.

If you want me to destroy this villiage, I need to get a key that is held by Gellah the Watcher. The key turns out to be for a depository of Thaumaturgical waste, and has a few odd First Age toys along side of it. The weapons are handed over to the "master" but the servants of the Yozi have unlocked their real goal, which can be spread out over rich, clean loam, turning an Orchard Spirit that feeds another villiage, far from the master's goal, and the fruits that the corrupted Spirit provide in turn corrupt that villiage, plant seeds of corruption that allows the Yozi to whisper in their ears, to unearth another First Age trove, this being a Librium that has the location of a Behemoth.

A few deft marks with a quill, and the book is changed, and then left where Solars or Dragon Bloods can find it. Maybe you sacrifice a cult to make it look guarded--they're only Mortals anyway, right? The Librium in hand, the Solars think that they can get some answers from the Behemoth for their own quest, but in using the spell that allows them to speak to it, they chant a portion of the Binding that was used to shackle the Yozi.

Just a syllable, but coupled with a few dozen others, a word is spoken, and it loosens the Binding just a little. When all the Yozi's True Names are spoken, the Bindings will activate, and a true servant of the Yozi can call them forth, break their bonds--as creatures of the Creation, they can call to break the prison of the Yozi. The Yozi, summoned back the Creation in their fullness, can then inform their servant that the full spell they spoke also frees them from obligation to their summoner--the first of the words spoken have insured that, and the Yozi are free again, to take issue with their errant servants, the Gods...Jakk Bey

Personally I think one of the easiest ways the Yozi's could potentially turn exalts against the incarna is to just tell them the truth. Basically.. the whole celestial body is a bunch of crackheads who wanted to play with daddy's toys, but weren't strong enough to handle them, and have thus gotten hopelessly addicted, and the whole world has basically gone downhill since then. Things might not have been quite so good for -humans- when the Yozi's were in charge.. but everything was in order and such I imagine, you probably wouldn't have any gods getting out of line and things would be more or less proceeding as planned... you could probably convince a large amount that it would be best if things were set right again. Of course, that was in the past, and true.. these days, they're probably a wee bit angry with the takeover thing, and would go on a mass rampage.. but they obviously won't tell you that bit. FluffySquirrel

Can I start screaming now? You've got cause and effect screwed up, FluffySquirrel. The Gods didn't overthrow the Yozi in order to get the Games. On the contrary, they started playing the games because they promised the Exalted control of Creation, and didn't have much else to do in Yu Shan. Only then did they get addicted, and it's not an overwhelming thing (for example, the Autochthonians specifies that it only really takes Gaia yelling at them for them to return to Creation full-time). There is no evidence to suggest that things were good for anyone but the Primordials with the Primordials in charge. (And, for that matter, even certain Primordials got shafted by the Zeroth Age.) Gods, humans, weaker Primordials... it was a Darwinian nightmare, from all examples given to date. I don't know where this "The gods wanted their creators' stuff" crap came from. - FrivYeti
Friv.. you might want to get Games of Divinity if you don't have it, because.. yeah, that's exactly what it says.. The primordials created everything, including all the gods to maintain creation, while they.. and I'll quote from now on... "they played among themselves the Games of Divinity, which are not for men to know or understand. In time, the gods became discontent with their lot as keepers of the world, tenders of time and the heavens and churls of the Primordials. They said to one another, "Let us overthrow the Primordials and take their place, and then, we will take our leisure and play the Games of Divinity." "
So there's my reasoning.. and after the war.. the incarna.. basically having been saddled with running creation for so long, didn't want too anymore, so let the exalted take care of it. As I quite clearly said though, the world before the overthrow of the primordials might not have been great for humanity.. but THEY created it, and I'd say it was fairly injust of the gods to overthrow them just because they were jealous.. wouldn't you? And sure, that's painted it fairly badly against the incarna.. they are certainly good in many ways.. but.. that's what the primordials would tell people no doubt, and it's the truth. FluffySquirrel
I do have Games Of Divinity, and that quote sounds to me more like general discontent than a lust for toys. The word 'churls' is fairly loaded, for example. I consider that the discontent with their current lot is a lot more important than the Games on the "reasons to rebel list". Here are some counter-quotes from the same history: "The lesser gods and spirits of Earth itself were largely content to watch sleepily over that which was their demense, now secure against the depredations of lustful or whimsical Primordials." "After the war, the Celestial Incarna were not eager to meddle in the affairs of the world. They had been burdened by its administration for countless epochs and had no desire to partake further in its governance." "The Celestial Order first began to seriously decay when the Solar Exalted were murdered."
I don't want to sound like the Yozi can't twist words to make it sound like the Primordials were in the right, but it's not the truth. It's a strategem to take, but calling it the truth IS twisting it badly. It wasn't injust to overthrow them. It was a bad place for everybody. The gods were not jealous. Would you say that the slave revolts in Haiti in the 1700s were unjust? The slaves wanted what their masters had - freedom and property. It's the same thing. - FrivYeti
I'll be honest.. I'm confused, cause you quoted the very bit I was on about.. never mind the fact that the first quote comes right out and say they want their leisure and to play the games of divinity, the one you mentioned says that after they overthrew the primordials, they basically just stopped doing their rightful roles of making creation run properly, and are pretty much just playing the games (except the UCS, who apparently took a little more interest until they made him mad).. and would I consider it unjust if the slaves overthrew their masters and basically just made other people take their jobs while they watched over the slaves instead?.. yeah.. it might be fitting perhaps, but they're doing the same thing the others were doing. Truth of the matter is though, yes, there's not much information about before the first age.. but I don't necessarily think it's bad just because it was the primordials. FluffySquirrel
You know, we should probably move this to another discussion to avoid driving people here mad. I will create one at Discussions/AreTheGodsEvil. :) - FrivYeti