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RPG Books Garden: The Site

Well, I have work I should be doing, but my concentration has just been completely awful tonight, so I decided to put up this page here. I've been tossing this idea around in my head and with friends for a while, and I thought, maybe the general public (or at least the denizens of the Wiki) might have ideas / commentary ...\\ So, enough prefaceage. I've been thinking of trying to start up (or get someone else to start up) some kind of Velvet Garden-type site, only for RPG books. (The Velvet Garden, briefly, is a clothing site which allows people to put up clothing, set a base price for it, and then keep it up indefinitely until they decide to take it down, someone buys it, or whatever.) I'm not sure if this has already been done, in which case I'd absolutely love to know where the site is. But if it hasn't, I think it should be done posthaste.\\ Mainly, I'm motivated to suggest this for very few reasons ...

  • eBay can be really annoying, and how much an item goes for is mostly determined by pure chance; waiting for items to close sucks, and I think lots of people would just prefer a flat rate. Half.com is good, but it seems to suck for RPG books for some reason.
  • Where can you buy used RPG books besides eBay?

I think this has the potential to flop horribly, but I also think it could be a really great resource. It should be easy enough to set up for free, at least unless it gets really really huge. I was thinking probably a commission fee of like, $1 per book listed should go to whoever runs the site, just to help make up for their hassle and such ...\\ Anyway. Thoughts?\\ ~ Shataina

Check out Alibris.com and put in a search for whatever you seek. I can't guarantee that you'll find it, but it's worth a shot. As for the idea of a Velvet Garden-type site... you're welcome to try? Domino

Thanks for the link. Do you know of any sites which are dedicated to used RPG books, though? I've found that used book sites aren't horrible, but they aren't good either. People who sell their used RPG books seem to have very few options.\\

~ Shataina

Ha! I can't believe this is still here!
~ Shataina
PS: if you're interested in buying old RPG books, I don't know of any used RPG book sellers online except for forums, e.g. rpg.net. Sometimes drivethroughrpg.com has good stuff, but it's always in electronic format.

PPS: I acutally have had to use rpg.net and drivethroughrpg.com for some of the exalted books, then I take and print them at Staples, after converting the format of course. Makes a nice book once bound, and costs a lot less then purchasing an out-of-print, hard to find book. Miles