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Hey all.

I'm having trouble editing my charms and text such that it will appear pretty and within the normal screen size. Any suggestions? i tried the "\\" notation, and using semicolons dosen't seem to work either.... i'm sure it's jsut because i'm inept and unable to do even simple html coding, but i coudl use some help. =)


BTW, i really lvoe this whole Wiki think, it's wiked cool.

I'm trying to figure out how to make my text pay attention to the boundries of the page. as is, they go over this little yello line at the edge of my screen so i have ot scroll over. anyone have nay suggestion on how to make my text not so unruly?

<i>Preformatted text doesn't wrap. When you use
, make sure to manually wrap you text. No need foe \\s duing that as well. -- DaveFayram </i>

Where do I put setting elements that don't clearly belong anywhere else, such as my Numerology and Tarot write-ups? - Quendalon

Umm, how about ExaltedNumerology and ExaltedTarot ? Honestly, I am not 100% behind categorizing everything into rigid paths, but people seem to want it. Don't feel afraid to make your own page name.

-- DaveFayram

I think there should be a separate section for general-purpose setting information, is all. I already have individual pages for this linked off of my user page, but I'd like to have them accessible from somewhere in the Important Links hierarchy. - Q

This may sound picky. But I really hate Times New Roman. Is there any way to change the font your normal characters are displayed in on Wiki? Something like Verdana or Trebuchet, 'praps?

-- AlladAlhazred

I think you have to change the relevant font field in your browser's preferences to affect that. Probably under "standard font" or something like that, though it depends ....
~ Shataina
If you are familiar with CSS, then you can write up a stylesheet and set it using Preferences. - willows
Whoa! I never noticed that option. You are my new hero. -szilard

Not sure if the right place, but recently, I haven't been able to get any of the high-value RecentChanges lists. First it was down to 1, 3, and 7; now I can only get info on 1 and 3. What's up? - IsawaBrian

Yeah -- I noticed RecentChanges acting weird for me too (and a friend as well) -- it sometimes randomly resets our preferred pages shown to 30, and then refuses to show them.
~ Shataina

ARGH! - Now I can't get anything beyond 1 day. Anyone know what the problem is? Can it be fixed? -szilard