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Our options:

  1. Keep going with our current UseMod path. This would mean we upgrade to 1.0. There are no shocking new features, but very little would change up front (but we could clean up a lot of stuff). This is the safe option. UseMod is very much a living project.
  2. We could switch to using OddMuse. OddMuse is a descendant of UseMod with a TON of features, most of which are very cool. The most interesting ones include:
    • Use definable and settable themes using Stylesheets.
    • Support for using a wiki as a blog, trivially.
    • Support for page clusters. See this explanation for what those are.
    • Very good support for page extensions. It's designed for it.

You might be saying, "What's the catch then?" Well, things would change (the markup would be different slightly). Also, OddMuse is not nearly as well-followed a project as UseMod is, so we might find ourselves at a dead end with no good way to go back.

What do you all think? (vote)

Just go to 1.0.

Votes: 5 \\ In Support (and why):

  1. Any way the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me.... The current UseMod wiki does pretty much everything I need it to do; more importantly, I have a fairly good understanding of how to make it do what I want it to. I am not l33t enough to care about most of OddMuse's advanced features. I'm sure I could adapt pretty quickly, and I might even end up liking those advanced features which I currently do not fully understand, but on the other hand, I'm comfortable with what exists now. _Ikselam
  2. Don't fix what ain't broke. I'm mostly indifferent, though. AliasiSudonomo
  3. Mostly indifferent, but as I doubt I'd need any more features than are already available, I figured I should vote for 1.0. -AlecAustin
  4. About exactly that. Though I'll learn the new workings if everyone else feels like moving, of course. I'm just so fantastically lazy, you see... - SilverMeerKat
  5. Why change a good thing? Domino

Let's go with OddMuse!

Votes: 7 \\ In Support (and why):

  1. I'm in support because I like the feature set that OddMuse has, it's much closer to what eventually will be BurningWiki than UseMod 1.0. There is an automated tool for downloads and the risk seems minimal. Rock on! -- DaveFayram
  2. Gotta say OddMuse because of the sheer coolness that having individual themes and easy file uploading would bring to the Wiki. I dunno about you guys, but yellow is my least favorite color... - Telgar
  3. Gotta say there's alot you can do with OddMuse, and it looks about the same so, let's go for it. - haren
  4. If it's closer to BurningWiki than I'm in favor of it, just to get us more prepared for BurningWiki when we change to that. - MidKnight
  5. Nothings worth doing if there is no risk involved, and while i may never use all the cool new stuff i'm sure theres enough people who will. -Killed
  6. I just went and examined OddMuse's feature set, and it looks like its page markup is minimally different from that what we use here; that means that we won't suffer a lot in the conversion (assuming that the code switch doesn't suck more for Dave.) I am all for instant gratification over suspected future upgrades. - willows
  7. I'm late, and fairly indifferent, but I figured I'd justify my existence through voting. OddMuse appears more extensible overall, which seems like a good option to have. Primarily, local anchors would be a worthwhile addition, though the desire is hardly pressing. _Jabberwocky
  8. OddMuse sounds great espicialy that page clusters thing

Why do anything? It's perfect as is!

Votes: 3 \\ In Support (and why):

  1. DS Maybe I'm just insane here, but I really like the community at ExaltedWiki. On a good day, more freeflowing commentary and geniune progress can be made on really bizarre and eccletic ideas here than anywhere else. Although some of the new features of OddMuse look pretty cool (I'd kill for the page extensions, for example), I question the need for it, and the need to risk damaging or destroying the wiki or the existing content on the wiki for an extended period of time while it was implemented. I say, leave things as they are.
  2. medivh. What he said. Unless it's entirely certain that we wont lose content, I think we should stick with what we have
  3. Dim I Third the motion. DS said it right.
Whoah whoah whoah, guys. Who said we'd lose content either way? The only reason we'd not upgrade to 1.0 is because 1.0 makes changes we really dislike. I don't think that's the case. If we migrate to OddMuse, then we're not going to lose any content. My real worry in this scenario is that we might end up in a dead-end upgrade path. That'd be no fun. \\

If you look at the new UseMod 1.0 features and dislike them, then you put your vote here. With indifference, vote for usemod 1.0. For a risky proposition with a big payoff, try OddMuse. -- DaveFayram

I'm a CS major and a programmer-type by trade- call me untrusting of promises of virtually no downtime or data loss. I'm also a big proponent of using what works and not overcomplicating the system. Does the ExaltedWiki actually have problems? Not that I've seen; ergo, there's no need for an upgrade. DS

DS, you can trust me. I'm going to backup the DB and upgrade to a running copy in parallel to the current Ewiki distribution. For UseMod 1.0, that's a 100% guarantee of no data loss (and if I do it right, no downtime). OddMuse requires a db migration, but again a backup of the site is made every week. I know my basic software deployment stuff ;). We should talk shop sometime, DS, I never get to talk with coders in academia these days. -- DaveFayram

Voting will end on February 6th (roughly 5 days from its post). At that time votes will be tallied (no matter how few) and I'll implement the changes the following weekend. Viva ExaltedWiki!