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The penalties for taking poison damage - Do these apply only if you fail to resist, or if you're struck by poison at all?

I've pondered this for a while, checked the errata, not found any resolution one way or the other. Some individual poisons suggest one or the other, but I think the writers don't really know either. If anyone has a quote or something that clarifies this, I'd love to hear it. Thanks
-- Darloth

From a mechanical standpoint, I'd say no unless the specific poison states otherwise. From a realistic standpoint, I'd say yes...but I don't think you should get the full affect if you resisted it. It probably would be better if all poisons were statted as Success/Penalty & a Failed/Penalty, instead of the way we have them now.
-- DarkWolff

Canon leans towards them always applying, whether you succeed or fail. Certain poisons overrule this. I have resolved the issue by applying houserules, namely half penalty and half duration if you succeed in the resistance roll, and making any and all penalties removable (out of combat) with a medicine roll equal to resistance difficulty. I ought to list them somewhere, because they're huge and all-encompassing, like all of my sets of houserules for games I play a lot.
-- Darloth

I never liked the poison system, so I made a detailed houserule for it. Almost nobody likes it, but if you'd care to take a look, it's at MoPoison - Morpheus

Oh, I -like- your houserules, I just havn't the time to program the helper utility I suspect I would need to actually -play- with them. If I were writing a CRPG, I'd much prefer rules with your level of detail, but I'm of the opinion that it's too much detail just for a quick game. Which might be a little hypocritical of me, especially if you see some of my shadowrun houserules *shuffle shuffle*, But, ah well.
-- Darloth