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The Solars have many charms that refer to Creatures of The Night.
What are they? What kind/type of creature counts as being 'of the night'?
Abyssals? Deathlords? - tld

Anything demonic, so First, Second and (I believe) Third Circle Demons - although apparently not the Infernal Exalted. The undead of all varieties (usually excluding deathlords and Abyssals). - Moxiane

Hmm. Abyssals aren't undead per se, so that's what is bothering me the most. - tld

Thinks outside the natural order, but not Exalted, because Exalted are special. So Abyssals and akume (Italianate plural!) are not creatures of the night, but demons and underworld creatures are. (I'm not sure about Yozis or demons of the Third Circle.) Arguably, fey are also "of the night." - willows

Enemies of the Unconquered Sun are, by definition, creatures of the night. However, the book seems to draw some distinction between "creatures of the night," "creatures of darkness," Abyssal Exalted and undead. I would suspect that the setting considers any sort of creature that is defiled by the Malfeans or Yozis without actually being Exalted, wholly demonic or undead to be a generic "creature of darkness." $.02 &Arafelis