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SSE says that it dodges any (dodgeable) attack, even those with area of effect. This suggests area of attack usually makes an area 'undodgeable'... In addition, you can dodge the Godspear of the FiveMetalShrike with SSE (it says so specifically) although that is an undodgeable attack. Is SSE therefore semi-applicable? Does it negate the unapplicability if something is undodgeable through radius? And how the heck are we supposed to know which things those are?\\ --Darloth

The text suggests - but doesn't say outright, IIRC - that there are certain attacks that are mundanely undodgeable (area attacks) and some that are mundanely unparriable (fluids - gouts of flame, jets of gas, etc). I tend to believe that there are three 'ranks' of applicability. Normal dodges/parries have basic applicability. Things like SSE, if I understand your question, have the second kind, which prevents mundane conditions from making a defence inapplicable. Perfect applicability (like that of HGD) trumps supernatural inapplicability. - willows

This issue is resolved on page 199 of the PG. It seems that SSE is ineffective against anything which is specifically mentioned as undodgeable, Such as Cascade of Cutting Terror. HGD is still completly effective against all attacks.