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My solars are going into the Wyld for the first time. I've been reading the Fair Folk book and the FairFolk pages as general prep. I started to build an example of how creation-born fight Raksha in the Wyld, but realize I don't know enough about it. So, any feedback on this issue in general would be helpful. Specific questions include, but are not limited to:

  • Assuming a group of solars protected by Chaos-Repelling Pattern are fighting a bunch of Raksha, how would the Raksha best use their one shaping action.
  • Are there any timing issues between shaping and normal actions? It seems like they are completely separated, as if on completely different timing tracks, so that a Raksha's one shaping action could essentially be taken reflexively in "normal" time at any point in the scene.
  • Creation born have an intrinsic Heart grace. Can this be exploited in some way?
  • What's a reasonable amount of gossamer to give NPC Raksha? Seems like there is no upper limit on how much one might have.
  • FF pg134 says: "The people of Creation have various defenses against the Wyld, such as the Solar Exalted’s Integrity-Protecting Prana (see Exalted, p. 186). These protect against shaping effects and works of glamour, both in the Wyld and in Creation." In the next column, it gives examples of "effects of reality shaping", largely dealing with environmental penalties. Later, pg136 also talks about environmental penalties in the "Shaping and Normal Actions" section. Presumably all of these examples are moot against someone with Chaos-Repelling Pattern up. Correct?
  • FF pg134 also says: "All raksha Charms are shaping Charms unless stated otherwise." Other than the assumption charms, does anything other than Art of Corrosion, Devouring Wings of the Wyld and one of the God-Monster gifts actually do so?
  • What tactics would you use if a circle of solars came calling? Other than running.
  • What tactics would you use if you were a circle of solars who needed to put the beat down on some Raksha in the Wyld?

Well, being entirely in-expereinced with Raksha combat, I do reference the recent work [[[TheKawaiiEdition/AlienPrinceses]]], where some examples of why to carry Cold Iron are given. More purposely, that link, while not canon Exalted, mentions that shaping actions occur on the "order of scenes", while Exalts act in turns or ticks, meaning Exalts can get in many strikes while the Raksha get in one shaping action (one per scene, apparently). My gut-strategist, then, tells me that the only real use of shaping is anything persistent, that will prevent the Exalts from using their comparatively infinite speed advantage, such as creating an army of Tyrant Lizards to fight for your cause, or tearing the terrain apart such that you're all on separate floating islands, 1 mile above ground, and 500+ yards apart. If you can't be above ground, be above lava. Bubbling and spurting lava, with large 10 foot oceanic-style waves. Separately, as Solars, I'd take the one big advantage I've got - Perfection. In glorious combat, Solars have Solar Sorcery, Wyld-Shaping Technique, and other ways of totally violating the Wyld as a concept, stapling it down pretty well. Still, a perfect archer is going to be doing something useful, as 5MM arrows that will hit, merely need to be comboed to ensure damage. Once you can ensure damage, you can ensure victory over one opponent, if your other party members can protect your super-archer (or melee-ist, etc). If you can nearly ensure victory over one opponent, only fight one opponent at once. A Solar hunting party theme, as it were. Raksha are incredibly good at having high die pools, so perfection is a big advantage. At the same time, behemoths are a good counter, as occupying that perfection, draining those Solar pools, and otherwise bringing in allies is the number one proven way to destroy Solar Exalts. Just some thoughts. -- GreenLantern, decidedly not an authority on Raksha-related anything, as he doesn't actually own the book