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Now that 2nd edition is about to come out, the wiki-populace is going to have to deal with two rulesets at once. What sort of standard format, if any, should the Wiki adopt to separate and distinguish 1st and 2nd edition material? Kukla

Well, we can either subdivide the wiki content pages into 1st & 2nd edition pages (a bad idea in my opinion), or just have some type of notation stating if it's 2nd or 1st edition. We really don't have all that many options, but it seems as though a lot of 1st edition mechanics will be easy to convert over to 2nd edition equivalents.
Could we create TWO new portal pages, one that filters in to 1st edition, one that filters in to 2nd, and leave the one that doesn't filter at all alone? Kukla
The idea of two portal pages isn't bad, but like I noted on your model portal page, the difference between the two editions is not large. I really doubt that anyone will find it prohibitively difficult to port 1st Edition stuff over -- most stuff doesn't require any changes at all. Thus, we'd be filtering out content that's still pretty useful. I think DarkWolff's idea of having a notation -- possibly in the page name itself, even -- might be best. Say, 2nd Edition content should have a "2E" in the page name?
~ Shataina
I'd stick a alternate up at the top level in areas that have lots of Game content. So in instead of Charms, you'd get Charms (Charms2E), where the second would link to second edition charms. I'm not sure putting a 2E in the name accomplishes anything other than making it easy to search all the second edition pages. I think the only problems are with equipment. Charms and charachter stats seem to have changed enough that which edition something belongs to is pretty obvious. Weapon and armor stats don't seem to have change much, so they could be a problem. YMMV. -FlowsLikeBits

Can we PLEASE get some division? Trying to find charms is a pain, as I have to go through every charm page searching for "keyword." I'd love some division to happen. ~Overshee

I disagree - We don't need segregation, just adapt Charms, etc, across to 2E if you have to. They're mostly the same ruleset, and you'll notice that most of the regular posters here have updated their content to 2E anyway. -- Trithne

Seconded. The vast majority of 1E content can be directly applied, or at least briefly adapted, for use in 2E. So why miss out on all the fun stuff, and give yourself an organisational nightmare moving things across? ...DeathBySurfeit