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A place for posting canon rules questions and clarifications. Note there is also the Rulings page, to record when a consensus is reached.

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Not sure where to ask, but is there an official rule to determine normal swimming speed and where is it? - TonyC

The Hearthstone in Castebooke: Eclipse. They don't have aspects listed. Has this been errated somewhere, or should I continue to ask the loyal wiki warriors to help me assign them? Scrollreader

Does it make sense to integrate this page with the IMO more appropriate Rulings page? -- Wordman

Not a bad idea. There's a slight difference between the two, at least in my opinion, in that in Rulings I specifically try to get an answer, even if it involves making up a house-rule, whereas with Rules Questions I don't mind having the question unanswered. But that is a minor difference and shouldn't be the basis of keepings the two pages separate. - TonyC