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So I got to thinking. a bad sign, I know. but I think that charm that would allow an Exalt to give a Mortal an awakened essence would be very neat. I think it should be a Lore charm, and it should be pretty high essence. it raises another question I have though, is it possible for an exalt(solar,lunar,dragon blooded, whatever) to build charms for mortals use only? there are statments about Martial arts and sorcery that make it seem possible. but both MA and Sorcery are kind of special cases. I just don't know, though my gut reaction is yes, mostly because I think that training an army of essence wielding Mortals would be awsome.


I would make the Charm branch off of TWTT, keeping the same minimums, and it only affects one mortal per use. The cost should be pretty high, but feasible for an Essence 4 Solar. Oh and about the Mortal Charms thing FrivYeti beat ya to it with FrivYeti/MortalCharms - Issaru

I like the idea behind those charms, but then, why use those if you have awakened essence. why not learn terrestrial martial arts? I am pretty sure that mortals can use them, and they are pretty terrifying. my main question is can Exalts design charms, for mortals? I think so, but I could be wrong.
-- Gtroc