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Ruminations on Abyssal Titles

Here's where I talk to myself (And others, really) about Abyssal titles. I was out driving today, and a few questions/ideas popped into my head. Here they are, written out.

I'd appreciate hearing other people's thoughts on these.

First Big Question

The First Big Question has been adequately answered, at least for first edition. However, I'm going to seriously ponder the Sidereal Renaming mentioned below by haren (Many thanks, it's a much different direction than the one I was taking but I find it much more interesting.)

Second Big Question

Alchemical titles are fairly standard-sounding... are Abyssal titles at all standardized, or is the total freedom implied by non-standard titles part of the Abyssal charm (Where names are concerned, at least.)


Ok, just a few comments/ideas here. First of all, one Abyssal can have multiple monkiers all granted by the same Deathlord. The importance is more that it's not their "true" name, from what I can tell. Sure, they can claim it, but they'll be punished. Many of the other sacrificed name characters in Exalted have multiple names they go by, depending on how they feel or want to be looked at. I suspect that the Malfeans don't care as long as it's not the name that was given to them... Now, this isn't to say that say... Sidereals couldn't "rename" someone with their title. That could piss off the Malfeans and warrent a new name sacrificing ceremony. - haren